‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers: Order Of Rose Ceremony Eliminations After Episode 1 Of Nick Viall’s Season

Last night on ABC, the world received the “Countdown to Nick” as everyone prepared for his season on The Bachelor. All of the drama will begin this evening with the 2017 season premiere where Nick will meet the 30 women of his dreams. Unfortunately for some of them, they won’t make it past the first night and 29 of them won’t make it as his final choice. Let’s check out how the rose ceremony eliminations go the rest of this season.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new and upcoming season of The Bachelor starring Nick Viall. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Yes, 30 lovely ladies will begin the season tonight with the same and equal opportunity to become the one that the leading man truly loves. Their hopes and dreams rely on receiving a rose each week and not being one of those sent home during the elimination ceremonies, but it won’t be easy to stick around.

Tonight, eight of the ladies will go home and they are Olivia Burnette, Susannah Milan, Ida Marie, Jasmine Brown, Angela Amezcua, Lauren Hussey, Michelle Ramkissoon, and Briana Guertler. That leaves 22 remaining which means a lot more rose ceremony eliminations

It is time to check out the order of the rose ceremony eliminations for the rest of the 2017 season of The Bachelor as revealed by Reality Steve. Again, if you don’t want to know when the contestants go home and who is there at the end, you need to stop reading right away.

Episode 2 – Jan. 9

  • Lacey Mark
  • Elizabeth Whitelaw
  • Hailey Merkt
  • Liz Sandoz

Liz will actually be sent home during a group date to the Museum of Broken Relationships and not even make it to the rose ceremony elimination.

Down to 18 women

Episode 3 – Jan. 16

  • Christen Whitney
  • Brittany Farrar
  • Dominique Alexis

Dominique will also not make it to the rose ceremony as she is eliminated during the group date of this episodes as well.

Down to 15 women

Episode 4 – Jan. 23

  • Astrid Loch
  • Sarah Vendal

This is an easy week as the rose ceremony elimination appears to go off without a hitch, but that will change in the coming weeks.

Down to 13 women

Episode 5 – Jan. 30

  • Alexis Waters
  • Josephine Tutman
  • Jaimi King
  • Taylor Nolan

Taylor will be sent home before the rose ceremony elimination. She ends up going out on the 2-on-1 date with Nick while The Bachelor is in New Orleans, but she won’t safely make it through that outing.

Down to 9 women

Episode 6 – Feb. 6

  • Danielle Lombard
  • Whitney Fransway
  • Jasmine Goode

Believe it or not, but there will not even be a rose ceremony elimination in this episode. During the group date, Jasmine ends up being sent home. During the 2-on-1 date, both Danielle and Whitney end up eliminated by Nick as he returns to the group all by himself.

Down to 6 women

Episode 7 – Feb. 13

  • Kristina Schulman
  • Danielle Maltby

Once again, there was no official rose ceremony as the eliminations will take place earlier in the show. Danielle was sent home on a 1-on-1 date with Nick, and it apparently was an elimination that was taken very hard. Before the ceremony, the leading man walked in and sent Kristina home so no need to hand out roses.

Down to 4 women

Episode 8 – Feb. 20: Hometown Dates

For the Final Four, there will be a pretty big and shocking happening, but Reality Steve wants everyone to realize that it isn’t what ABC will make it out to be. Andi Dorfman does return to the show, but she is only there to give Nick some advice and not try to win him over or anything.

  • Corinne Olympios

Down to 3 women

Episode 9 – Feb. 27: Overnight Fantasy Suite Dates

  • Rachel Lindsay

Down to 2 women

Episode 10 – March 6: The “Women Tell All” Special

Obviously, there will be no rose ceremony elimination on this episode as it will only be the castmates sharing secrets and tales from the season.

Episode 11 – March 13: Season Finale

US Weekly reports that Nick has “definitely found love” on this season of The Bachelor and that things are going well for him. Well, he has two beautiful ladies to choose from in the finale, and the final elimination is Raven Gates, which means Nick is engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi.

It has been said that the leading man does fall in love with two women in 2017, but Reality Steve insists that the winner of the final rose will be Vanessa.

Please remember that the dates listed for each episode are what is currently scheduled, but they are subject to change depending on what ABC wants or needs to do.

The season premiere of the 2017 edition of The Bachelor will send home more than one-quarter of the women looking to win the heart of Nick Viall. Even though there is always a lot of drama on this series and The Bachelorette, fans are looking forward to the rose ceremony eliminations more than anything. It’s always interesting to see who is going home and when, but do the spoilers show exactly who you wanted to win?

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