WWE News: Identity Of La Luchadora From ‘SmackDown Live’ Revealed

WWE SmackDown Live has been a very interesting brand for viewers to watch every week. Over the past few months, writers who are a part of the Creative team for the brand have given fans some fresh feuds, as well as showcased some fresh faces.

Baron Corbin was one of the strongest characters on NXT before he left the brand. He would also win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, solidifying his spot on the main roster. While the first few months were sketchy, Corbin ended up being one of the most hated villains on SmackDown Live, and closing the year main-eventing the show for an opportunity to be WWE Champion.

Apollo Crews also went to SmackDown Live, but this also could be his death nail. Although Crews exhibited a great amount of success in NXT, many wrestlers can attest to him being grossly underutilized and would have done better continuing to hone his craft in NXT.

Becky Lynch is a person that has benefited greatly from the brand split. She was crowned the first ever SmackDown Women’s Champion and represented her Survivor Series team well, forcing Nia Jax to tap tout.

Over the past few weeks, Lynch and Alexa Bliss have had a heated rivalry, with Bliss being able to capture her first Women’s Championship by defeating Lynch at TLC. She experienced one of the fastest rising careers, winning the championship after only three years in the professional wrestling business.

For Lynch to gain momentum during their feud, she posed under the guise of “La Luchadora,” surprising Bliss after gaining a victory, followed by removing her mask and revealing herself. This gave Lynch a great deal of leverage heading into their rematch for the championship.

However, during their match, Lynch was caught off guard after another person dressed as La Luchadora appeared. This time, she was actually gunning for Lynch, distracting her enough to assist Bliss in gaining a victory. While fans were expecting the woman under the mask to reveal herself, she never did, and it left spectators forming theories of who the person was.

According to WrestlingNews, the person under the mask was NXT and indy star Deonna Purrazzo.


As shown in the pictures, the investigation resulted in a smoking gun when a close-up of the hand was zoomed in and captured. Based on this information, and the overall body structure, it presents strong evidence that Purrazzo was indeed the culprit. WrestlingNews also recently reported that WWE currently sees a lot of potential in Purrazzo, and a feud can be commenced due to her being snubbed by Lynch weeks ago regarding giving Bliss “real competition.”

Purrazzo, 22, is another young, up-and-coming talent who has been showcased on NXT. While she has been mostly used as an enhancement talent, NXT has given her enough exposure to make an impact on the main roster. Purrazzo, is also well known in the independent circuit, coming for numerous promotions since her pro wrestling debut in 2014.

It is yet to be confirmed that the New Jersey native will be the next foe for Lynch. There have been reports that Sasha Banks could potentially move to SmackDown Live, and a heel turn has also been speculated. However, WWE looks to be preparing fans for a rivalry between Banks and Nia Jax, so it is very unlikely at the time.

Mickie James has also been a candidate to feud with Lynch, and a suspect to be El Luchadora, as she recently signed a contract to return full-time in WWE. These matches would be good, but James being a veteran may conclude that she is simply returning to help build stars, similar to the Dudley Boyz’ WWE stint.

If it is indeed Purrazzo who will be the next opponent for Lynch, it certainly would be an interesting feud to engage in. This would also be a good placeholder for Lynch before another quest to become SmackDown Women’s Champion again.

[Featured Image by WWE]