'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 73-74 Leaks: Gohan's Huge Role In Universe Survival Arc Confirmed?

Simon Alvarez

Dragon Ball Super might have taken a break on January 1 as a result of special programming, but the hit anime series is set to return this coming Sunday. With DBS' next big saga, the Universe Survival Arc, set to begin on February 5, the next four episodes of Dragon Ball Super seem to be fillers that are designed to build up the anime's momentum towards its grandest saga yet. So far, the summaries of DBS Episode 73 and 74 have been released, and from what could be seen so far, it seems like the anime is foreshadowing Gohan's huge role in the upcoming Universal Tournament.

Gohan has always been one of the Dragon Ball franchise's most popular characters. Being Son Goku's firstborn son, he was regarded by many to be a fighting genius who could easily surpass his father. From a very young age, he participated in numerous key battles, even taking the fight to Frieza's forces in one of Dragon Ball Z's most iconic arcs. In Dragon Ball Super, however, Gohan has taken a back seat for the most part, after the character was benched following an unfortunate incident during the Resurrection of F saga.

Since then, fans of the Goku's firstborn son have assertively and persistently called on DBS' producers to bring back the character to fighting form. While never confirmed, a number of clues were dropped by the anime that Gohan would be coming back to the battlefield once more, especially during the finale of the Future Trunks saga and its immediate filler episode. These clues eventually culminated in the official preview for the Universe Survival Arc, where Gohan was featured as one of the selected fighters for Universe 7.

Inasmuch as the return of Gohan to full fighting form is already a compelling enough reason for the character's fans to rejoice, it appears that there is more to Gohan's participation in the upcoming Universal Tournament than just a simple return to the battlefield. Considering the pervading themes of Dragon Ball Super Episode 73 and 74, it appears that Gohan would most likely play a key role in the upcoming tournament.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 73, "Gohan's Disaster! Great Saiyaman's Unbelievable Movie Adaptation?!" and Episode 74, "For the Sake of That Which [He] Loves! The Indomitable Great Saiyaman!" both revolve around Goku's firstborn child. While DBS Episode 73 is pretty much another lighthearted, gag-filled episode, Ep 74's summary, as translated by notable Dragon Ball translator Herms98 from the official Jump preview, suggests that the character would most likely face something significant within the episode.

"The vile criminal Watagash commits evil on Earth! Gohan hears that Earth has been infiltrated by the mental parasite Watagash, who infects the darkness in his host's heart, giving them superhuman power. Meanwhile, Barry Karn hates Gohan and tries to catch him with a honeypot trap, but fails. Watagash then appears and infects him.

"Pan this week: Kidnapped by the bad guy and in big trouble! Pan is abducted by Watagash, who's taken over Barry Karn. But despite Gohan and company's worries, Pan herself is more than fine... It's the Great Saiyaman's greatest crisis!!!"

"Pan this week: Kidnapped by the bad guy and in big trouble! Pan is abducted by Watagash, who's taken over Barry Karn. But despite Gohan and company's worries, Pan herself is more than fine... It's the Great Saiyaman's greatest crisis!!!"

Considering that Dragon Ball Super Episode 74's summary teases that Pan would be involved in a kidnapping attempt, the episode would most likely feature a number of extremely humorous moments. After all, the overwhelming strength and power of Gohan's daughter has been the cause of numerous funny events in the anime. Despite this, however, her kidnapping would most likely affect Gohan significantly. In fact, it would not even be surprising if the event becomes the tipping point that the character needs in order to start training more seriously than ever before.

If there is anything that could be seen in the leaked previews for Dragon Ball Super's upcoming episodes, it appears that the anime is slowly building up Gohan's character. Over the course of Dragon Ball's long history, this is usually indicative of the character having a great role in the anime's upcoming sagas. With this in mind, there is a pretty good reason to think that Gohan's frequent appearances, coupled with his participation in the Universe Survival Arc, is a massive sign that the once-powerful fighter would have several key moments in the battles ahead. For fans of Gohan, Dragon Ball Super Episodes 73 and 74 would most likely be the anime's most important fillers yet.