‘Sister Wives’ News: Mariah Brown Comes Out Of The Closet

Fans of TLC’s polygamy reality TV show Sister Wives are probably aware that Mariah Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives are back on television screens and creating controversy. For weeks, fans have been kept entertained by the so-called “catfishing” scandal. For those who are not in the know, one of the Sister Wives stars, Meri Brown, was caught up in a catfishing scam. Catfishing is a modern term for internet users who set up fake social media profiles to ensnare people into a cyber relationship. Money is often extracted from the unwitting victim by those behind the fake identities.

According to Empty Lighthouse magazine, Meri Brown was the victim of just such a scam. Meri believed that she was entering into a relationship with someone she believed to be a man named Sam Cooper. Unfortunately for Meri, Sam Cooper turned out to be a woman named Jackie Overton, and it isn’t even clear whether that name is real. Meri and the Sister Wives cast were shocked when her online lover published details of their affair on the blog Not Batman Yet.

While the catfishing scandal has been discussed at length, on recent episodes of Sister Wives, TLC has also teased hints that Mariah Brown had big news for the rest of the Sister Wives family. Ashley’s Reality Roundup state that many Sister Wives fans assumed that Mariah was going to tell her parents that she was dating or that maybe she was getting engaged to a guy. Apparently, Kody Brown “even teased Mariah that if she was, indeed, engaged it better be to someone that he likes.”

Sister Wives Star Mariah Brown Is Gay

It seems that everyone was wrong in their speculation about Mariah’s secret. As reported by the Inquisitr, the real news that Mariah had for the Sister Wives family is that she has come out of the closet, telling the family that she is gay.

Empty Lighthouse calls Mariah’s announcement “shocking,” and admittedly some of the Sister Wives family did seem to be shocked by Mariah’s revelation. That said, it’s 2017, should we be “shocked” that in such a large family, one person has come out as gay. Kody Brown has four Sister Wives, and between them, they have 18 children. Should we be shocked that one person among them has come out as gay?

Sister Wives Mariah is Gay
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Since 2007, LGBTQ group Stonewall has used the slogan “some people are gay, get over it” as a means of tackling homophobia. Fifty years ago, people may have been shocked to see a TV personality openly admit that they are gay. Fifty years ago, homosexuality was illegal, same-sex marriage was unthinkable, and stars of stage and screen hid their sexuality for fear of damaging their careers. Surely, in 2017, those days are behind us.

Of course, reality TV programs build their audience and keep them engaged by creating controversy out of almost anything. Mariah Brown’s Sister Wives revelation is just a mechanism to keep members of the show’s audience coming back for more. Some of the Sister Wives family might be shocked because they thought they knew Mariah and didn’t suspect that she was gay. That said, in a preview clip for the next episode even dad, Kody Brown has said that “we’re not happy Mariah’s gay; we’re happy Mariah knows herself.”

Mariah’s mother, Meri, says that she thought “I knew my daughter. I didn’t.”

It is perhaps ironic that the Sister Wives family have used same-sex marriage as one of the bases used to attempt to overcome the U.S. laws that declare polygamy illegal. The Browns argue that polygamous marriage should have the same legal status as same-sex marriage.

Fans of the Sister Wives show will watch developments on Mariah Brown’s disclosure with interest.

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