Jax Taylor On Bullying: Should He Take His Own Advice After Lala Kent Quits ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

Jax Taylor is a person who doesn’t like to be criticized by Vanderpump Rules viewers. During his time on the show, he has often talked about how he doesn’t like it when people share their opinions about him, including when he had surgery on his nose or when he cheated on his many girlfriends. Taylor has revealed that he can’t control his behavior and doesn’t think he needs to apologize to people based on his cheating. While he does love Brittany Cartwright, some people believe that he will cheat eventually. But as Taylor was entering 2017, he had a thought: people should take themselves less seriously and be able to laugh at themselves.

According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor shared some thoughts over the Christmas holidays where he essentially begged people on Twitter to stop being mean. He has often said that Vanderpump Rules is just a reality show and that he doesn’t take it too seriously. Sure, Taylor may come across as a mean and horrible guy at times, but he claims the show is just a fraction of who he is. And surprisingly, Jax asked people to please stop the bullying.

“Thoughts from Jax,” Jax Taylor revealed on Twitter, sharing a quote that read, “The way I see if you can’t make fun of yourself we can’t be friends, no hard feelings but I am 4 and a half years away from the back nine of my life and I thnk it’s safe to say at this point; we can all agree, life is short, so the bullying and BS that people do, why? Is it worth it? Just enjoy another, laugh be happy and act like an idiot ‘sometimes’ JT.”

It is possible that Jax Taylor is referring to the bullying that people subject him to on a regular basis, including sharing their opinions about him. Whenever Vanderpump Rules airs, Jax often goes on a blocking spree, as people can be quite harsh. But it is interesting that Taylor brings up the idea of leaving bullying behind when he has just been rather mean to Lala Kent, who recently quit the show.

“You bully lala Kent and James freaking Kennedy all the time. Is that ok?” one person pointed out to Jax Taylor after he shared his message, while another person boldly suggested, “maybe u should take your own advice Jax!!!”

Taylor recently went on a Twitter rant where he revealed that Lala had been fired from the show. Kent has previously hinted that she had quit the show because people on the series were being mean to her. It’s no secret that she didn’t have any friends on the show, but the rumors of her dating a married man took over and Kent decided to leave. She has revealed that she is dating a rich man who spoils her, but she stands by the fact that he’s not married. And no proof has been shared that shows he’s married. In fact, he remains nameless. But Jax Taylor is convinced that she was fired from the show and he has been vocal about wanting her gone.

“I have a boyfriend who I’m madly in love with, and this married man rumor that who knows where the f–k they pulled this out, whose ass it came out of, it’s just not worth it to me in any way, shape or form,” Lala Kent has revealed to Us Weekly about her relationship with a rich man. “I feel like my personal life is meant to be personal and I don’t have to share everything. Even though they want to call it a reality TV show, this s–t is not real.”

What do you think of Jax Taylor’s message about leaving the bullying behind? Do you think he should take his own advice, especially since everything with Lala just happened?

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