Dorit Kemsley’s Husband: ‘PK Never Disrespected His Wife’ After Looking At Erika’s Privates

Dorit Kemsley may be brand new to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she’s learning that her actions will be analyzed by viewers with a fine-toothed comb. Everything she says and does on the show will be noted, and if she changes her mind or opinion about something, fans will notice. Maybe Lisa Vanderpump prepped her before coming on the show, but she’s learning that viewers are strong-minded and they want to call her out for her behavior. A few episodes ago, Dorit was shocked to learn that Erika Girardi wasn’t wearing underwear to an event and her husband, PK, couldn’t help but looked when he learned the news.

According to a new tweet, Dorit Kemsley is now defending her husband on Twitter, sharing that she doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Throughout the episode, PK decided to make some comments in the comforts of his own home the next day, including how Erika’s body may be available to the world. Of course, Girardi is happily married to her husband Tom Girardi, and her body is for him only. And now, Erika’s fans are coming to her defense by calling out Kemsley’s comments and behavior.

“Hey Dorit, how exactly did your homely husband see Erika Girardi’s vajayjay? You are so c*nty!” one person wrote to Dorit Kemsley, who replied with, “Napkin came on after 30 min love. Rewatch the episode. Nobody is making it up. Shit happens.”

But some people felt that Girardi’s story didn’t make sense. Throughout the episode, Girardi does sit with her legs closed, but she doesn’t have a napkin on her lap the entire night. She has revealed that she either had a napkin or her purse on her private parts to hide everything, but Kyle Richards claims she saw everything. Lisa Vanderpump, who sat beside Girardi, even joked that she had seen everything.

“Ppl need to rewatch this week & last week. Kyle said she was able to see it all. Erika should say sorry & be done,” one person wrote who was clearly offended by Erika’s decision to leave the underwear at home, while another person added in Girardi’s defense, “or get gross husband should apologize for admittedly staring at it he disrespected his wife that’s gross.”

“PK never disrespected his wife – Erika called it out, find me a man or woman who wouldn’t look #NoChance,” Dorit Kemsley wrote in defense of her husband, sharing that any man would have looked at Erika’s private parts if they had the chance.

However, Dorit Kemsley is convinced that her husband did nothing wrong if he looked at her co-star’s private parts. One person did have a suggestion for Kemsley. Rather than mock Erika about the situation and make fun of her in public and on the show, she should have been a friend and taken her aside to explain the situation in private.

“As a woman, I think the classy thing to do would have been to pull Erika aside and say something. Instead of turning it into a whole issue and buying her a pair of panties. And yes, your husband disrespected you. He also disrespected Erika because he wasn’t forced to look. I understand you wanting to defend your husband but there’s no way to argue that his actions weren’t disrespectful to both you and Erika. He could’ve left the area etc etc. You seemed like such a class act in the beginning I hope you should the world more of that. I rarely watch reality shows,” one person tweeted to Dorit Kemsley in several tweets, sharing that her husband isn’t as innocent as Kemsley wanted people to think.

What do you think of Dorit Kemsley’s comments about her husband? Do you think her husband is completely innocent?

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