Erika Girardi On Pantygate: Was Dorit Kemsley Being Calculated On ‘RHOBH’?

Erika Girardi has a very good reason to leave her panties at home during Lisa Vanderpump’s white party. Erika explained on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that her panties would be visible through her white dress if she wore them to the party, so she decided to leave them at home. Girardi wrote a shorter dress, but it wasn’t because you could see everything.

However, her co-stars are convinced that they saw her private parts when she was sitting down with her legs closed during drinks with Lisa Vanderpump, Ken Todd, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, and her husband, PK. And while it would be embarrassing to show your private parts to a group of people, Dorit’s comments after the fact made it seem like she had a huge problem with it.

According to a new Bravo report, Erika Girardi is now opening up about how Dorit handled the situation after the fact. Of course, Erika has watched Kemsley’s conversations with Kyle Richards during a shopping trip and with Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna during drinks, where they encouraged her to confront Erika about it. While Eileen and Rinna just wanted to be there for the confrontation, Kyle seemed very hesitant about Dorit making a joke out of the situation.

If Kemsley had been better at picking up on signals that her co-stars were sending her, she may not have picked up a pair of panties with the goal of making fun of Erika Girardi. And while Dorit claims it was just a fun gesture, she had just told Kyle that she wanted to make fun of Girardi and the fact that she had exposed herself — no matter how embarrassing the situation was for her new co-star.

“Dorit is continuously talking about the ‘pantygate’ situation, and I can’t help but feel like she’s out to start trouble. She’s rubbing her hands together with excitement as she tells Eileen and Lisa R. that she ‘can’t wait’ to bring this topic up to me in front of other people. She tells Kyle, ‘I have to make fun of her.’ You can see how much forethought and energy was put into this and how eager she was to rub my nose in it. This ‘joke’ feels so contrived, like she’s trying to embarrass me,” Erika Girardi explains on her blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, sharing that she feels that Kemsley just wants to cause trouble even though she may have an innocent reason for doing it.

One can imagine that Erika was completely shocked to learn that her co-star would make fun of her, especially since they had just met. As Erika Girardi points out, she doesn’t even know Kemsley, so she doesn’t know her intentions. But based on everything she has seen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it sounds like she may have some hidden motives to mock Erika — her so-called new friend.

“I’m excited to be doing the Escape Room with all of the ladies. I thought this would be a great way for us to do something different and have fun together. But the first thing Dorit wants to talk about is her ongoing conversation about my ‘p**s’ and how her husband ‘could not stop staring.’ The more she tries to insinuate that I did this on purpose only makes matters worse. I think it’s clear by now that this was not an intentional incident, and she should really leave it alone,” Erika Girardi points out on her blog for Bravo, sharing that Dorit is making a horrible first impression on her.

What do you think of Erika Girardi’s point of view? Do you think Kemsley pushed the issue too much considering it was such a minor thing?

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