‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn Struggles To Stay Loyal To Eric As Ridge Manipulates Her, Ivy Shares What She Saw, And Steffy Faces Pressure Regarding Liam And Wyatt

Wild moments are on the way according to the latest The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. Ridge has a new plan to take care of Quinn, and while it was seemingly starting to work, she is a woman who should not be underestimated. Where are things headed during the week of January 2?

Ridge orchestrated a rather intimate moment with Quinn in the steam room, and Ivy saw the two of them together. Also, Eric put some intense pressure on Steffy to move out of Liam’s place to put forth a proper appearance as the Forrester Creations CEO and he dangled a $1 million paycheck over her head to convince her to make a move. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that things will get tense between Liam and Steffy as she tries to decide what to do about her living situation.

It seems that Steffy will consider moving into the Forrester mansion, a move that would surely put Liam on edge. As things progress on this front, Bold and Beautiful spoilers via Soap Central indicate that Eric will make it clear that he would like to see his granddaughter reunite with Wyatt and Liam will warn his brother that he is not about to back down when it comes to wanting a future with Steffy.

'Bold and Beautiful' star Thorsten Kaye plays Ridge Forrester

After Ridge had caught his stepmother naked in the new outdoor shower she had installed at the Forrester mansion, and shared some awkward yet charged moments with her, he formulated a new plan to try to drive her away from Eric and the family company. He has been acting differently toward her, more flirtatious and supportive, with his ultimate goal being to push her to be unloyal to his father and he’ll push hard to ensure his plan succeeds.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that Quinn will struggle with these sudden feelings for Ridge during Monday’s episode. She has every intention of remaining loyal to her husband, but these games her stepson are playing are working to an extent, and she’s struggling to keep her head on straight. Ivy saw the intimate steam room incident, and she will be confronting Quinn about what she saw during Tuesday’s show.

Will Ivy’s confrontation shake things up for her friend enough to get her back on track with her priorities? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Quinn will open up to Ivy about what’s been going on and there are some hints that she may start to turn the tables on her rival. Also, Liam will become all the more desperate to see Quinn away from Eric in light of the pressure being put on Steffy, so he’ll be anxious to see Ridge turn up the heat on his plan. However, this plan may well end up backfiring quite soon.

'Bold and Beautiful' star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood plays Steffy Forrester

Ridge will once again push Eric to change course when it comes to making Steffy CEO of Forrester Creations, but it seems highly unlikely that Eric is even remotely inclined to make a change at this point. Also, Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Quinn, Eric, and Wyatt will team up to share a vision of the future for Steffy that she may find it hard to reject.

What about Brooke and Ridge’s engagement? At this point, Brooke doesn’t know about the games he’s playing regarding his stepmother, but she will start to ask some questions. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that Brooke will remain in the dark regarding exactly what is happening, and this could prove to become a threat to the pair’s engagement.

How far will Ridge go to get Quinn away from Eric and Forrester Creations? Will Steffy cave when it comes to the pressure to reunite with Wyatt over Liam? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint at juicy twists and turns on the way, and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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