Dorit Kemsley Changes Tune: Is She Already Repairing ‘RHOBH’ Image After Erika Girardi Scandal?

Dorit Kemsley may be brand new to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she’s learning that you can quickly face some backlash by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. Even though Dorit is a longtime friend of Lisa Vanderpump, she didn’t get much support from Vanderpump fans during the first couple of episodes of the show. While Kemsley may brand herself on being a happy and easy-going mother of two, who can handle the crude British humor, she did show her conservative side when Erika Girardi showed up to a party without wearing underwear. And within hours, Dorit was criticized for being too conservative over Erika’s decision.

According to a new Bravo report, Dorit Kemsley is now changing her tune a bit after watching last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While the episode with the party aired, Kemsley kept tweeting that she didn’t feel bad about the things she had said and done. In addition, she didn’t apologize for her husband’s comments that perhaps Girardi’s body was available to the world, even though he knew that she was married.

When Erika was watching the episode, she decided to go on Twitter and share her thoughts and maybe people thought that she had every right to be upset with Dorit Kemsley. On the show, Dorit wanted to mock Girardi even more because she thought it would be funny to continue the banter. And in her blog, she’s not as conservative and critical. Instead, she reveals that she just wanted to make an awkward and embarrassing situation funny and lighthearted.

“This week I clearly still had the white party ‘no panties’ mishap on my mind, and so I wanted to ask the girls about it. It had taken me and PK by surprise when Erika announced this to the group last week, and I honestly think it’s natural for anyone, man or woman, to look after someone says that out loud to a group. I would have! Personally, I’ve always been very aware of my clothing and what’s revealing or not. I take care not to reveal or let anything slip, but I’m not perfect and mishaps do happen. So, looking back, I’m sure it was an innocent mishap,” Dorit Kemsley revealed in her blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, according to Bravo.

Of course, Dorit was encouraged by both Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson to confront Erika about it, but it was clear that they wanted to be witness to the confrontation. When Kemsley went shopping with Kyle Richards and decided to buy Girardi a pair of panties, she looked skeptical. If Dorit Kemsley had known these ladies better, she would have picked up on all of the red flags that the ladies were sending her. But in her blog, Dorit doesn’t really take responsibility for her actions.

“I think Erika has a great sense of humor and she wasn’t offended by the underwear gift. She was fun and accepted the gift and played along with the joke. But, I do see now how she felt it was out of line for me to talk with the group about it. Given how openly she had shared she was panty-less, I honestly didn’t think she would care, but you live and learn,” Dorit Kemsley continues in her Bravo blog, sharing that she didn’t think that Erika would be offended by the gift, hinting that their friendship may be strained going forward.

What do you think of Dorit Kemsley’s decision to buy Erika a pair of panties? Do you think should have thought about letting everything go, or do you think it’s funny for her to bring it up again even though it was embarrassing for Girardi?

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