Miley Cyrus, Borgore Release New Video ‘Decisions’ [Video]

Two months ago, the net came alive with Miley Cyrus’ first foray into the trance world by working with Israeli producer Borgore. The resultant song “Decisions” was released and featured vocals by Cyrus and beats by Borgore. Now the duo has released a video for the song, which has gathered a ton of curiosity on its own (see below for video).

The video features a ton of strange stuff such as Cyrus getting a whole cake thrown at her. She also makes out with a unicorn head that happens to be worn by her fiance, Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth. The two of them also enlisted the help of Borgore’s ex-girlfriend Jessie Andrews. Andrews in best known for winning the Best Actress award at the Adult Video Movie Awards this year.

Other than those little bits of interesting additions to the video, Cyrus did not make herself any more risque than normal.

Miley has been making a lot of press this year, questioning how the teenage star went from being the cute adorable teen heartthrob Hannah Montana to being photographed at a party for her fiance where she got him a giant cake shaped like a penis and then she licked it. She has also been targeted by conservative groups for her behavior.

Borgore was asked about the video in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, and he said Cyrus asked him not to smear her with cake during the filming, and he said:


“It’s clearly not part of my agenda, but she’s pretty, so I cut her some slack.”

Click Here to watch “Decisions” by Borgore featuring Miley Cyrus (warning, a woman smashes watermelons with her breasts in this video).