Tyler Baltierra Calls Himself A Lion And Compares ‘Teen Mom’ Viewers To Sheep

Tyler Baltierra and his wife Catelynn celebrated their daughter’s second birthday this New Years as she was a New Years baby a few years ago. And Tyler, the proud father that he is, decided to share some videos of his daughter on social media this weekend. They had added plenty of balloons to the floor of their living room so she knew that the day was a bit more special that other days, but it didn’t appear that Nova realized it was her birthday. And as Tyler was sharing these videos and pictures of his daughter, some people had plenty of thoughts and feelings about them as parents.

According to a new tweet, Tyler Baltierra is now revealing that he’s used to getting harsh feedback from Teen Mom OG viewers, especially after the previous season of the show aired. On this previous season, Tyler revealed that he wanted his wife to watch her weight, as he didn’t want her to gain too much. Catelynn was clearly suffering from postpartum depression and he was highly criticized for not being a supportive husband to her. So when they decided to share the news of Nova’s birthday this weekend, the couple received some surprising tweets from viewers, who didn’t have anything nice to say.

“I don’t know how you ignore all these knobheads^ Enjoy your lives, have more babies. Be happy,” one person wrote to Tyler Baltierra, who had an interesting reply, where he clearly put himself above his Teen Mom OG fans, writing, “It’s very simple when you know your own heart & soul & know that you are a good person. The lion does not dwell on the opinions of sheep.”

It’s a very interesting comparison that Tyler Baltierra decided to make on Twitter. While he was just trying to say that people’s opinions don’t matter to him, especially people who don’t know him and have no right to judge his life, he seems to forget that the Teen Mom OG viewers are the ones who are keeping the show alive. It’s thanks to these viewers that he has a job with MTV and that the ratings are so high that they keep going each year.

“I’m sorry ppl are so cruel-if/when you guys decide to have a baby congrats-plz don’t give negativity ur time,” another person wrote to Baltierra, apologizing for people’s negative comments and mean behavior, to which Baltierra replied, “It’s okay. Cruel people do exist. I signed up to be on TV…I expect the hate & criticism. I don’t expect anything more from those people.”

Of course, they have both been criticized for having another baby. The two of them gave up Carly for adoption and while many people have been hoping for a second baby, Catelynn and Tyler took their time. They now have little Nova, but people like to bring up the fact that Catelynn wasn’t ready to have another baby.

“Catelynn is “mentally ill.” Or so she insists. Why bring another baby into it?” one person wrote in one tweet, while adding later, “Loving parents do not smoke weed and leave their baby with people who do drugs. April. Nor do they let a druggie live with them.”

“B/c even people who struggle with mental illness can be successful loving parents. Itsnik to have an opinion never ok to attack,” one person wrote in defense of Tyler Baltierra and his wife.

What do you think of Tyler Baltierra calling the Teen Mom OG viewers sheep and himself a lion? Do you think he’s saying that their opinions don’t matter to him or do you think he’s trying to say that he’s better than viewers, because he doesn’t attack them?

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1]