WWE Rumors And News: The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels Return To ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’

We are just one day into 2017 and already the WWE rumor mill is in full swing. As was reported by the Inquisitr last week WWE’s final Monday Night Raw of 2016 was a bit of a damp squib, especially when compared with WWE SmackDown’s three title bouts the following evening. It seems that WWE has no intention of allowing that situation to continue. According to the latest WWE news and rumors The Undertaker, John Cena and even Shawn Michaels are set for a return to WWE on Monday Night Raw.

John Cena arrived back on the WWE scene last week. Cena turned up at SmackDown to announce that he would take on 2016 sensation AJ Styles at this month’s Royal Rumble PPV. Cena was a little more bombastic than is usual for him, and this has led to speculation that Cena is about to take a “heel turn.” Further suggestion of a possible heel turn by Cena emerged over the weekend when he fired a social media salvo at Roman Reigns. It may be too early to confirm Cena’s heel turn, but it seems that this will be an ongoing narrative on the run-up to Royal Rumble on January 29.

John Cena WWE News
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Where Cena’s heel turn will probably remain a rumor until Royal Rumble, The Undertaker’s return has been confirmed. WWE have advertised The Deadman’s return for the Monday Night Raw show in New Orleans on January 9. Intriguingly, The Undertaker is advertised for that event alongside Shawn Michaels.

Wrestling aficionados will be aware that Michaels retired from WWE wrestling after losing to the Deadman at Wrestlemania 26. Michaels had already lost his World Heavyweight championship to The Undertaker earlier in the year. Given that Michaels hasn’t had a wrestling bout since 2010, it must be unlikely that he will enter the ring on Monday Night Raw, it is more likely that Michaels will be used to hype the Royal Rumble PPV.

What’s The Latest News On The Undertaker’s Return?

Back in November The Undertaker made his return at SmackDown, claiming that he was “back taking souls and digging holes.” He then disappeared again. There is no clear news on who The Undertaker will fight at the January 9 edition of Monday Night Raw. Given that The Deadman is normally on the SmackDown brand it is possible that The Undertaker will simply show up to create some controversy and build the hype for the Royal Rumble.

For several weeks, all the WWE wrestling talk had The Undertaker facing off against AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble. It has now been confirmed that John Cena has that match, so don’t be surprised if The Undertaker shows up to disrupt that match to set up a bout against the winner at Wrestlemania 33. Interestingly, Sky Sports has tipped the Undertaker as “one to watch” in 2017.

The Undertaker wwe news
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It seems that The Undertaker will be keeping the WWE Universe entertained during 2017.

WWE Monday Night Raw News

The first WWE Monday Night Raw of 2017 sees Bill Goldberg’s return to continue his feud with Brock Lesnar. That matchup might be intriguing but it is probably Braun Strowman’s fight with Sami Zayn that will be the highlight of the night. The Abominable Strowman has been on the warpath in recent weeks and Zayn has been the object of his ire. Expect fireworks when Strowman finally get his hands on Zayn this evening.

One of the most interesting aspects of WWE Monday Night Raw in recent weeks has been the building feud between Bayley and Charlotte Flair. Bayley’s win over Charlotte a couple of weeks back has seemingly been stricken from the record book after Charlotte claimed she managed to raise a shoulder during a pin down. Charlotte then beat Bayley last week with the help of clearly biased referee Dana Brooke. Bayley seems to be plotting a course to the Raw women’s championship and seems to be the one to watch in the 2017 women’s division.

The first Monday Night Raw of 2017 seems set to give a glimpse of how WWE will shape up in 2017.

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