‘General Hospital’ Casting News: Don Swayze Comes On Board This Week-Will He Be Friend Or Foe? [Spoilers]

It’s a brand new year and General Hospital is starting it off by bringing in a new cast member this week. Don Swayze will be brought in to portray a homeless man named Buzz who is apparently involved in the car bombing case that killed Morgan Corinthos. You may recognize the actor’s name as he is Patrick Swayze’s brother, but he is definitely a talented actor in his own right and will be putting those talents to work on the ABC soap. He is expected to make his debut on January 5.

The news comes from Soaps She Knows, but not much is known about this mysterious character just yet. Buzz is supposed to be a potential witness to the bomb that was planted in Julian Jerome’s car that eventually took Morgan’s life. There is no word yet on whether this character will be on General Hospital for a short stint or if he will be sticking around long-term.

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Don Swayze had previously appeared on The Young and The Restless as Shawn Roberts, as well as portraying a pawn broker on Days of our Lives. This new role as a homeless man may just turn out to be very interesting. With the investigation into who really killed Morgan Corinthos in full force, Buzz could be the key to solving the case. Jason, Sam, and Curtis are getting closer to the truth and there is definitely some mystery surrounding this case.

Will Buzz be an innocent bystander who just happened to be there watching someone plant the bomb in Julian’s car, or is there more to his story? There are rumors swirling that this guy could really be the person who is pulling Julian’s strings. He could very well be just portraying a homeless person, but he may turn out to be his boss in disguise.

Then there are even more rumors saying that Buzz could be Nelle’s daddy dearest who seems to be pulling her strings to get back at Carly. A note was previously shown on General Hospital that Nelle was reading from her father. He could have some sort of vendetta against Sonny and this is his way of getting into his life through his daughter. There has always been a question as to whether Nelle really is Josslyn’s kidney donor. Is her story even true?

More rumors surrounding this whole Nelle story line has been that she could possibly be involved in the car bombing. She has spent months getting into the lives of the Corinthos family and she has definitely succeeded. So much so that she has now gotten into Sonny’s bed making him think that they had an affair. What is her agenda? Is her father the person who killed Morgan? If that is true, she may not even be aware that he is.

Nelle seems to have a personal vendetta against Carly, so she and her father could have different agendas, and he is just using her to further his against Sonny. In fact, he could very well be lying to his daughter about her connection to Carly to get her to do his bidding. Will Buzz turn out to be Nelle’s father? It will all be revealed soon enough as to why Nelle hates Carly so much.

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Soap Central has revealed that things are about to get a bit more complicated for Nelle as her plan is unfolding and General Hospital viewers will finally find out what her game is. She could very well have a change of heart but then again, she is quite angry over something in her past that has to do with Carly. It sounds like she could either be Carly’s daughter or her younger forgotten sister. Or she maybe isn’t related at all to her. With her father involved, things are going to hit the fan soon and Don Swayze’s new character could turn out to be her daddy after all.

Okay, General Hospital fans, take your best guess. Who do you think Buzz, the supposed homeless guy, will turn out to be?

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