'Goblin' Korean Drama Ep 10 Recap: The Grim Reaper And Sunny's Past Explained

The Goblin Korean drama Episode 10 showcased a very interesting twist in the popular primetime drama series which focuses on Reaper and Sunny.

The show is proving to be the hottest Korean drama today, and it became even more interesting with the revelation of one of the biggest mystery presented since the show first aired: How are Sunny and Reaper linked?

Fans of the Goblin Korean drama are treated to a very interesting episode during New Year's Eve as the show revealed Sunny's past through the Grim Reaper played by My Girl star Lee Dong-wook.

If you have yet to watch the Goblin Korean drama Episode 10, be warned. Spoilers lie ahead.

As fans may have already guessed prior to the airing of the Goblin Korean drama Episode 10, Sunny may actually be the reincarnation of the Goblin's sister, Kim Sun.

From what we know, the Goblin keeps a scroll containing the portrait of the young woman who died first the moment he defied the King's order. At first look, this girl appeared to be someone special in the Goblin's life when he was still a mortal known as Kim Shin played by Gong Yoo.

But as more episodes were aired where more mysterious characters were unveiled, we soon learn that the lady in white was actually his younger sister. What we have yet to learn before Ep 10 was how she is related to Sunny and the amnesiac Grim Reaper.

Earlier in the show, Grim Reaper cried the moment he laid eyes on Kim Sun's portrait owned by the Goblin—the same way he teared up when he first saw Eun Tak's very pretty and carefree boss, Sunny.

In the Goblin Korean drama Episode 10, we are treated to a review of the last scene in Episode 9 where Sunny suddenly holds Reaper's hand which then gave him a chance to peek at her past life. Much to his surprise, Sunny was actually the reincarnation of Goblin's younger sister whom he first saw in the old scroll.

Now, other clues presented in the Goblin Korean drama's previous episodes are gradually making sense and becoming more linked as flashes of Reaper's memory appear where it seemed like he and Sunny were in love during their past lives.

Proof of this is their first meeting where both are attracted to the same ring which worn by Goblin's sister who became the Queen. This particular ring makes its first appearance in the show's pilot episode as it is worn by the Queen when she took an arrow to the heart to support her brother.

All these mysterious things occurring in the series centered in interesting the deities featured in show, including the handsome but uptight Grim Reaper.

In Goblin, Grim Reapers are "recruited" from souls of people who incurred grave sins in their past lives. They are then stripped of their memory before they serve as Grim Reapers.

In Reaper's vision of Sunny's past life, the King was in love with the Queen but was manipulated into ordering the death of his wife's brother, then-General Kim Shin. Could it be possible that the Grim Reaper is actually the King?

Is it his sin to allow himself to be manipulated by the evil whispers of his power-hungry counsel and tutor, Park Joong Won? It is possible considering that Samshin, the Goddess of Birth and Fate played by Lee El, mentioned in an earlier episode that the two were fated to meet and love each other.

Of course, this is only mere speculation, though. What we're sure of thus far is that Sunny is truly Kim Sun, the Goblin's sister.

Goblin is a Korean drama about an immortal being cursed to live on and become a lonely guardian and protector of souls and would only die and achieve peace if his bride pulls the sword that keeps him immortal. It is by far one of the highest-rated Korean primetime drama shows in all South Korea and is quickly becoming a favorite all over the world.

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