‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: New Year Steamy Moments Await ‘Chabby’ Fans As Heartbreak Comes To Other ‘DOOL’ Characters

Days Of Our Lives spoilers are here to make fans of NBC’s longest running daytime drama cry and swoon over their favorite love teams at the same time.

News about Days Of Our Lives are as explosive as celebrations on New Year’s Eve as this week’s episodes deliver more steamy moments from the show’s new fan favorite couple Chad and Abigail.

More popularly known as “Chabby,” Chad and Abby seem to be off to a fresh start this 2017 as Days Of Our Lives spoilers reported by Blasting News indicate more “steamy” moments between the two.

Apparently, Chad and Abby will be rekindling their love for each other despite the couple’s past decisions that proved to be troublesome for their family.

For those who missed it, a December DOOL episode spoiler which was previously reported by the Inquisitr revealed how Abby coincidentally walks in on Chad and Gabi as they are sharing a passionate kiss.

But while many Chabby fans were as shocked as Abby at what they saw, the couple seemed to have gotten over it albeit slowly before the year ended as Gabi soon becomes an unlikely friend to Abby particularly when the latter suffers from a panic attack because of the choices she made in the past.

That aside, it seems like Chad and Abby patch things up enough for them to end up in what Days Of Our Lives spoilers from TV Guide described as a kiss that “builds in passion.”

According to the website, Chabby will celebrate New Year’s Eve together on the DOOL episode on Tuesday, January 3, where they eventually end up kissing in a way that would gradually bring back memories of the time when they were a complete family.

Of course, not all is well in other parts of Salem as JJ sinks deeper into a difficult situation after finding out devastating news from the love of his life who turns out to be Gabi.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Gabi will officially end it between JJ and herself because of a past hook up between him and Lani in Miami.

Things get even messier as the January 6 DOOL episode comes to your TV screens where JJ experiences a very tense moment with Gabi during a family trip with his sister and brother-in-law.

Imagine how awkward it is to see Chad and Abby happily together during a family outing with JJ where they encounter Gabi in a super tense scene.

What is quite confusing though is the matter between Chad and Gabi. Apparently, the two try to settle things once and for all in the coming week as Chad may have already fallen for Gabi but encountered a game-changer when he learned that Abby is alive and has returned to complete his family again.

Gabi also confirms that she did mean it when she told Chad that she loved him despite it all which makes quite an interesting first week of the New Year for Chabby fans as well as those who want Gabi for Chad.

Elsewhere, Days Of Our Lives spoilers also indicate more drama and heartbreak as Nicole encounters a dreadful situation any mother could ever imagine: bidding goodbye to her baby.

Meanwhile, Rafe struggles to tell Hope that Stefano is alive and well as he receives news about sightings of the man who was supposedly dead. After learning about the sighting, Shane then asks Rafe to go to Europe to confirm the news.

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