Watch Mariah Carey’s Lip Syncing Fail Video, Why Didn’t Mariah Sing A Cappella For Her Fans? [Opinion]

If you’re one of the few who hasn’t watched Mariah Carey lip syncing live online during the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest you’re in luck. You can watch the video of Mariah Carey’s performance in the player above, and watch the episodes that aired on New Year’s Eve below. Mariah Carey had a difficult time and apparently had sound issues. She was not the diva the public has come to know and quit lip syncing while the background track continued to play. At times, Carey seemed to carry on a conversation with herself instead of singing, and it was nearly impossible to understand what had happened. Also unknown is why Mariah Carey was lip syncing in the first place. Mariah Carey has tweeted about the lip singing fiasco and according to a news report by TMZ, Carey believes ABC wanted to sabotage the performance for ratings.

Mariah Carey tweeted a photo where she was rehearsing for the performance and used the hashtag #RockinEve. It’s unlikely she was unprepared as she rehearsed and performs live on a frequent basis. Mariah Carey isn’t a rookie and performing at big events isn’t anything new for her. Why Mariah Carey chose to lip sync is anyone’s guess, but she isn’t the first singer to do so. Many singers choose to lip sync during live shows, but where Mariah Carey seemed to have sound issues, no one else reportedly did. Carey’s dancers continued to move to the rhythm and no other singer had an issue like Mariah did. Check out the tweet below where Carey shared her excitement about the upcoming show and her performance. Mariah Carey was scheduled to perform three songs: “Auld Lang Syne,” “Emotion” and “We Belong Together.”

Exactly what transpired between Mariah Carey and sound producers for the show remains to be seen. Mariah did tweet another photo of herself before going on stage. She didn’t appear nervous or uncomfortable but looked as if she were preparing herself for a great show. When Mariah first took the stage, she seemed to lip sync well and it wasn’t very noticeable she was having sound issues. It didn’t take long before Mariah reached for something by her ear and it appeared she ripped her hearing piece out and threw it. ABC reported that Mariah couldn’t hear correctly out of the piece and she did take it out of her ear.

Without delving into who was at fault, as that is something that will undoubtedly be hashed out for several weeks to come, let’s focus on how Mariah handled the situation. Mariah Carey, for whatever reason, could not go on lip syncing to her own music. She was in front of fans, live on camera and had approximately 1 million home viewers watching. Mariah Carey has been singing professionally since 1988. She knows how to handle a situation, so it’s astonishing that she chose not to address her fans and the viewers to let them know how wrong her performance was and didn’t take any steps to correct the situation.

Just several weeks ago, a compilation video showing James Corden and a number of singers such as Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Elton John, Adele and the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” went viral. The video quickly trended and many who watched the popular compilation felt that no one compared to Mariah Carey. Meanwhile, singer Ariana Grande is also referred to as “Little Mariah” for her ability to hit the same whistle register Mariah is known for. So what stopped Mariah from taking control over the situation and putting her fans and the viewing audience first?

Would it have been so bad for Mariah Carey to stop the performance as soon as she had sound trouble, asked the sound technicians to stop playing the track, and then sang “Auld Lang Syne” a cappella? Mariah Carey should have remembered that her fans always come first. The viewing audience is what matters and who should come first. If she couldn’t perform her songs as planned, then she should have stopped the facade and addressed the fans in a professional manner. Again, we don’t know exactly what happened, or why Mariah continued to speak and never told the sound people to turn off the track. Everyone knows Mariah is considered one of the greatest singers in the world. If she had stopped the soundtrack and sang live, simply and sweetly to the fans, she might be trending today for an entirely different reason. Instead, Mariah Carey lost all sense of professionalism and didn’t even apologize to the fans who braved the cold weather to celebrate New Year’s Eve with her.

Mariah Carey did address the lip syncing fail on Twitter by sharing a GIF. She captioned it with “s*** happens.”

What do you think about the way Mariah Carey handled the fiasco?

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