Triangle UFO Mystery: Massive, Eerily Silent And Fast, Reports Indicate Objects Are Becoming More Prevalent

Reports of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) in the shape of a triangle have been filed for decades, but lately the shape has been appearing in more and more reports. The what and the why of it is, of course, up for speculation, but besides the go-to answer that the UFOs could be under the control of intelligent aliens, there is also a popular, more terrestrial possibility offered as well.

The Daily Express posted its latest list of triangle UFO reports at year's end, an addendum to a series of articles the British outlet has been running regarding the three-sided aerially mobile objects. The list included UFO sightings from Illinois, Florida, and California, but, as noted, they are just the latest.

Roger Marsh, the Director of Communications at MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), posted an article earlier in the month wherein he noted the prevalence of triangle-shaped UFOs in the news. In fact, the researcher says that it is his favorite shape of UFO, because, among other reasons, the reports are "compelling where the craft is silent and very close to the ground – often just skimming the tops of homes and businesses or local tree tops as it meanders along – and then just as quickly as it appeared – it moves away incredibly fast until it's a mere speck of light in the distance." Be that as it may, there were as many triangle UFOs reported in 2016 as there were the more traditional disk-shaped objects.

The intent of Marsh's posting was to not only draw attention to the triangle-shaped UFO phenomenon of late but that it had been ongoing throughout the year and something he had written a report on in July. According to Marsh, since he had highlighted the cases for the first six months of the year, MUFON had received 91 additional cases involving triangular UFO sightings (up until December 22). Of those, 59 had occurred within the United States.

As both the Express and Marsh has suggested, the UFO cases have been strangely similar. Most of the reports indicate that the objects are silent, most appear to be moving at treetop level, and most are black with an array of lights underneath the moving objects (most often one in each corner and sometimes with one in the center as well). Many of the sighting incidents have ended with the objects disappearing, accelerating quickly away from the observers.

Take, for instance, the report filed by a couple from Park Ridge, Illinois, on December 26.

"My husband and I were driving on Toughy Rd in Park Ridge after just exiting 294, heading east," the observer reported. "I looked out of my window and on the right side I saw a triangular craft hovering over the Forest Preserve. It [the UFO] was completely still, each side had approximately five steady lights."

The witness then mentioned the object to her husband who "caught a glimpse as well" of the unidentified hovering object.

"He proceeded to make a u-turn," she said. "As soon as we turned around, the object had disappeared with no trace."

triangle shaped aircraft in space
Many of the UFO sightings concerning triangle-shaped objects are oddly similar. [Image by jon666/Thinkstock/Getty Images]

Although Marsh noted that quite a few of the UFO cases filed have been investigated and found to still be unknown objects, one from earlier in the year had been closed as an identified object and another had been closed as undetermined, due to insufficient data.

The most famous of the huge triangle-shaped UFOs was reportedly observed in March 1997 as part of what became known as the Phoenix Light Incident (via UFO Casebook). Thousands of people observed a series of descending lights in the night sky during that incident. At the same time, some observers reported seeing a massive black triangular UFO moving across the sky. The UFO sightings took place over a 300-mile area in between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.

Although the series of lights were later explained as military flares dropped from aircraft during a night-time military exercise, many have found the explanation unsatisfactory. As for the giant triangle UFO (or UFOs) reportedly observed the same night, there has been no adequate explanation.

futuristic aircraft soars above clouds
Some UFO researchers and conspiracy theorists believe that a number of the sightings of triangular objects are due to top secret experimental aircraft. [Image by Juanmrgt/Thinkstock/Getty Images]

As with many of the UFOs reported, and something which MUFON notes in a disclaimer with all their extended reports, most sightings can be attributed to natural or man-made phenomena. But those left in the unknown category are subject to speculation, and not everyone is convinced that the triangle UFOs are extraterrestrial. In fact, an experimental aircraft operated by the United States Air Force, the TR-3B, is often offered up as the most likely candidate for the triangle-shaped UFOs.

As the Daily Express reported earlier this month, conspiracy theorists have long posited the theory that many of the triangular UFOs being seen are part of a government-run secret program. The TR-3B aircraft, according to the theorists, are top secret and reverse engineered from alien spacecraft captured, studied, and worked on at places like Area 51 in Nevada.

But if the observed objects aren't ultra-secret government aircraft, just what are they? Weeding out the sightings that can be attributed to delusion, hallucination (psychological and drug-induced), optical illusion, misidentified aircraft, natural phenomena, and secret technology that no agency will admit exists, are there triangle-shaped UFOs operated by intelligent beings -- human or otherwise -- flying around the planet? And if so, to what purpose?

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