‘RHOA’ Drama: Kandi, Shamea, And Porsha Air Dirty Laundry – Yoni Eggs Are Hatched [Spoilers]

The most recent episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta had the #RHOA hashtag trending once again, and also brought attention to something called Yoni eggs. Porsha Williams took Shamea Morton with her to a workout session, whereby Yoni eggs were placed inside their vaginas in order to help keep the vaginal walls tight — or give them a workout of sorts. Sheree showed up late to the Yoni workout, and claimed that it was “that time of the month,” so she couldn’t perform the Yoni workout.

As reported by Elite Daily, a jade Yoni egg helped one writer start on a new path to trying to strengthen her nether regions. However, after the jade egg fell out and into the toilet, a more tech-savvy solution was sought. That’s when her Yoni egg was replaced with a device that could measure her vaginal strength and make her Kegel exercises easier and more effective. The Daily Mail has the horrible account of one woman who accidentally burned herself when she boiled the marble eggs she bought on Etsy in order to clean them for the same purposes — but didn’t wait long enough until they cooled down prior to inserting them into her vagina.

According to W, Shiva Rose uses Yoni eggs and other crystals for all sorts of purposes — and even sleeps with her Yoni eggs inside of her sometimes, though she says that not all women can do that, since they give some women too much energy to sleep. However, Rose claims that they help women naturally perform their Kegels correctly, since the vaginal muscles sort of naturally go towards the eggs. As reported by Perth Now, Yoni eggs aren’t just for improving or helping women create vaginal orgasms so that they’ll have better sex lives — but the benefits can extend well beyond into things like better posture and much more. Indeed, devices like the InControl Medical Apex Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulator and Kegel Exerciser have rave reviews on Amazon, with the description of the product describing similar benefits as the Yoni eggs or other vaginal strengthening items.

But back to RHOA. After the Yoni class was completed, all sorts of drama arose about Kandi, Shamea and Phaedra — with Shamea having bad things to say about Phaedra. As reported by Us, Porsha tried to defend Phaedra from everything while hinting that Kandi was a lesbian in the episode that didn’t feature Kenya Moore at all — but will show Kenya’s drama with her estranged trainer boyfriend Matt in coming episodes. Kandi and Phaedra’s defunct friendship seems to be growing more brutal as more dirt comes to the surface.

Cynthia Bailey’s daughter, Noelle, had Peter Thomas join her for a hot yoga class, since Noelle missed Peter. After 90 minutes worth of sweating and flatulence that Peter said did not smell good, Peter met Noelle outside so the duo could talk about their relationship.

The main point of contention seemed to be between Kandi, Porsha, and Sheree when Kandi once again defended herself against Phaedra’s insults to Kandi’s husband, Todd. Kandi repeated how fed up she was with her former friend’s act of innocence. Phaedra later said she doesn’t know why Kandi is so angry with her. But Phaedra accused Kandi of having sex with Shamea and Todd. For her part, Porsha acted as if she knew nothing about Phaedra messing around with any man other than Apollo whilst she was married.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode brought lots of feedback to social media after the episode aired. Some of those comments can be seen below.

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