Get To Know Raven Gates Of 'The Bachelor' 2017 With Nick Viall

Tomorrow night it is time for the new season of The Bachelor 2017 with Nick Viall to start airing. Nick has several girls that you are going to want to watch this season. Raven Gates is one girl that everyone is talking about and that you are going to want to pay attention to on this season of the show. Wet Paint shared a few details about Raven Gates so that the fans can get to know her better.

Raven is a gorgeous brunette who is 25 years old. This puts her a little over 10 years younger than Nick, but she isn't so young that it is hard to take her seriously on her quest for love. She is a hard worker and Raven even owns her own business. She is from Arkansas and opened the boutique Grey Suede in her hometown of Jonesboro. Raven has an Instagram page for her business that she updates. There is even a post asking if anyone saw her on the show. Raven is going to be bringing in some new business from being on The Bachelor, but hopefully, that isn't her reason for joining the show.

Raven Gates is constantly posting on her social networks. She shares about running her store and also about going to church, which it looks like she is very active in. Huge spoilers are ahead for The Bachelor 2017. It has already been confirmed that Raven Gates will make it pretty far. She even gets a one-on-one date that will be in Waukesha, Wisconsin. This is Nick Viall's hometown, so that is a very important date for Raven to get with Nick. Reality Steve went to his Twitter and shared pictures of her rollerskating with Nick that you can see in the pictures below.

It does look like Raven Gates is going to be a fan favorite this season. If she doesn't win the heart of Nick Viall, that would make her the perfect candidate for The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise. Raven will be someone that by the end of the season the viewers will get to know pretty well. That leaves her open to show up on other shows in the future. Even if Nick picks Raven Gates, things might not work out and she could end up moving on to do the show again. It wouldn't be the first time it has happened.

Wet Paint also shared that Raven Gates got to meet Nick Viall's family during this season of the show. While they were filming in Wisconsin, Nick actually took Raven Gates to his little sister Bella's soccer game. Everyone knows that Nick is really close to Bella, so this says a lot. They also went to the skating rink, but they were there with Bella and her team. It does look like Nick Viall had a bit of trouble skating, but they seem to have had a fun time on the date. Fans can't wait to see how she interacts with his sister.

Do you feel like Raven Gates could be the perfect girl for Nick Viall? Do you think that Raven could end up on The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise if she doesn't win Nick? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of The Bachelor 2017 on Monday nights on ABC. During the first episode, viewers will get to meet the 30 girls that are trying to win Nick's heart, including Raven Gates. You can catch new episodes every week on ABC.

[Featured Image By Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]