‘Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: Shocking Moment Brings Elena Back?

The Vampire Diaries is nearing its series finale, and many fans have been scouring the internet for spoilers about the final season. While not much is known, many viewers are holding out hope that actress Nina Dobrev will reprise her role as Elena Gilbert before the show takes its finale curtain call.

According to Carter Matt, Vampire Diaries spoilers and speculation reveal that another big death will take place in Season 8. The show’s executive producer, Julie Plec, has confirmed that another character will bite the dust before the show’s end, and that it will be “painful” and “terrible” to watch. However, which one of the characters will be the one to die? The only major characters that are currently human are Alaric, Matt, and Bonnie, but it seems that everyone is fair game due to the series ending.

The Vampire Diaries spoilers: Bonnie to become a vampire in Season 8?
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The latest spoilers reveal that it will allegedly be Bonnie who dies. Bonnie, a witch who has lost her magic, is currently in a very serious relationship with Enzo, who is also a vampire. The theory is that Bonnie will somehow become a vampire. This could mean that something tragic happens to Bonnie, and Enzo, or one of the other vampires, will be forced to make her one of them. However, Bonnie could also choose to become a vampire. Bonnie and Enzo are completely in love, and that means they would only get to spend a few decades together before Bonnie grew old and eventually died. If the two wanted to be together forever, Bonnie would have to become a vampire. This means that Bonnie would technically die, and Elena, whose sleep state is currently linked to Bonnie’s human life, would seemingly awaken.

Another reason Vampire Diaries fans could possibly see Bonnie choose to become a vampire is because of Damon. Currently, Damon and his brother, Stefan, are under the control of the devil, Cade. The Salvatore brothers are being forced to work for Cade for a period of one year as they bring him the souls of sinners. Stefan has shut off his humanity in order to do so, and Damon hasn’t been the same since the siren got her hooks into him. If Damon can’t or won’t return to the version of himself that he once was, his best friend, Bonnie, may choose to sacrifice her human life in order to bring Elena back. Elena’s return would certainly jar Damon, and hopefully return him to the man he once was.

Vampire Diaries spoilers: Nina Dobrev to return as Elena Gilbert in Season 8?
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Vampire Diaries spoilers for the upcoming January 20 episode titled “The Simple Intimacy of the Near Tough” reveals that Bonnie and Enzo will return home from a romantic getaway, and Caroline will notice something different about her friend. Bonnie will be wearing a vial of Enzo’s vampire blood around her neck. Of course, this will have Caroline questioning if Bonnie is considering become immortal to spend her days with Enzo. However, this could also be a backup plan for any unexpected accidents that Bonnie may face in her future.

Of course, Bonnie’s death will likely only be tolerated by Vampire Diaries fans if it brings Elena back. However, actress Nina Dobrev has not been confirmed to return, and viewers have no idea if they’ll ever see Elena again, or if she and Damon will finally get the happy ending everyone has been hoping for. The show, which returns from winter hiatus this month, will likely be stepping up its game as it nears its final stretch and begins the countdown to the series finale in the spring.

What are your thoughts on the latest Vampire Diaries spoilers? Do you think Bonnie will become a vampire?

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