'Black Lightning' Series: Alternative Theory About Geoff Johns Hints At New DC Superhero Series

Daniel Ketchum

The hints recently dropped by Geoff Johns about a new DC television series coming next year can be interpreted in a number of ways. He could be talking about an existing character getting a new series – such as Tyler Hoechlin's Superman from Supergirl – or the return of an old character like Constantine. But it seems more likely he's talking about an ongoing project we already know about, such as the Black Lightning series Deadline reported on.

While both a new Superman series and a returning Constantine series would have tremendous appeal to the DC fan base, we've known for months now that a Black Lightning superhero series was being worked on by Greg Berlanti. Berlanti and crew are the same people who brought us all of The CW superhero shows we've come to enjoy, including Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.

As first envisioned, Black Lightning was a superhero operating in predominantly black neighborhoods who used technology – in this case a belt – to create electrical fields and electrical energy which he could then use as weapons or for defense.

The character originally left the neighborhood as a young man because of the death of his father, but was eventually inspired by other DC superheroes to become a superhero himself and protect people living in the neighborhood he grew up in. In some ways, the origin story isn't unlike Batman's or Spider-Man's.

The character has been frequently seen on various animated DC series, but he has never appeared in any DC live-action television series or movie. The decision to introduce this superhero will allow DC/Warner Bros. to further expand its already highly diverse roster of superheroes.

Fox already has the pseudo-Batman series Gotham, and the character of Black Lightning would finally allow them to have a real superhero – since Batman himself never makes an appearance in Gotham. There would even be the possibility for crossover, although that would largely depend on the look and feel that the new Black Lightning series would be going for.

There's also the question of whether a new Black Lightning series would use that actual name. Including the word "black" in the name of the character might have worked in the '70s, but it would be a little iffy in the 21st century. For the sake of avoiding that kind of controversial nomenclature, they might decide to just call the character Lightning.

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Images]