‘Mariah’s World’: Bryan Tanaka To Jump Out Of Carey’s Birthday Cake

The latest episode of Mariah’s World featured plenty of drama with Mariah Carey’s staff dealing with each other and negative press. As seen on Stella Bulochnikov’s Instagram page, Mariah’s manager termed herself a flamethrower and a “Russian dictator” — the same term that Stella saw in a headline that she called very uncreative. Carey resorted to doing her own hair after Danielle Priano — a hairstylist that Mariah loves — took a break from the tour due to drama between Danielle and Stella. Danielle wanted too much money, according to Mariah’s people. Priano is amazing at doing hair, claimed Mariah, but Danielle caused too much drama, the Mariah’s World people claimed. Mariah had a sit-down talk with Danielle and Stella to try and get the duo to get along.

Stella said that she would do whatever it took to make peace with her and Danielle to relieve the stress on Mariah’s life. The team traveled from Luxembourg to London — with a time-change difference in Luxembourg causing that audience to initially boo Mariah for showing up late, as reported by Gossip Cop. Eventually, Carey won the crowd over — and Mariah moved on to trying to get Stella and Danielle to make amends. In the end, Stella and Danielle agreed that they were two strong women who wanted to get along for the sake of Mariah. They ended up hugging it out.

The main focus for some of Mariah’s fans was Carey’s love life — with plenty of a teasing focus on Bryan Tanaka’s friendship with Mariah. Bryan bemoaned the fact that he hadn’t been able to spend much time with Carey at that point, and he wanted to get her alone to catch up with Carey.


According to Us, Mariah is quirky in the way she doesn’t like the term “birthdays” — but chooses to call them anniversaries, all because birthdays have an age-related thing attributed to them that must turn Mariah off in some way.

Kristofer Buckle, Mariah’s makeup artist, made the crew laugh by relaying how his dad didn’t believe Carey was flying him around the world just to do her make-up. Instead, his dad thought he was having an affair with Mariah. However, Buckle explained Mariah’s birthday philosophy.

“She doesn’t have birthdays — she has anniversaries because birthdays are about getting older.”

Bryan was tapped to pop out of Mariah’s cake for her birthday — something Tanaka was quite agreeable with doing. Bryan said that he loved Mariah, and called Carey extremely thoughtful, caring, and unique. They had a lot to catch up on, claimed Bryan. However, Tanaka wasn’t shown jumping out of a cake in that episode. He was only shown shirtless, agreeing to do the deed.

Bryan said he was single and having fun as the other dancers teased Tanaka for the amount of gifts and panties left outside his door. Bryan told the crew they had to do something special for her 14th “anniversary,” which others weren’t sure how the No. 14 translated to Carey’s 46th birthday.

Tanaka has been rumored to be anything from Mariah’s backup dancer to her boyfriend to Carey’s fiancé — but the duo has not announced such a thing as of yet via the show. If anybody else jumps out of the cake, Mariah wouldn’t be happy, claimed Carey’s dancers. They instructed Bryan to give her the eyes, flex the abs and guns, and it would work, as Bryan was advised by another Carey dancer.

Future sneak peeks of Mariah’s reality show reveal that Bryan and Carey will get even closer as Tanaka sits on Carey’s lap and dances with no shirt on once more.

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