Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Spend Their First New Year’s Together, Manage Not To Break Up

Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Spend Their First New Year's Together, Manage Not To Break Up

It’s hard to believe that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are coming up on their one-year anniversary. The dysfunctional reality TV couple just spent their first New Year’s Eve together and it naturally, they shared it with everyone via Instagram. Rob and Chyna reconciled but still weren’t living together prior to Rob’s most recent hospitalization and now the on-again, off again couple is looking happier than ever. Maybe 2017 won’t be so bad after all.

Rob and Chyna looked like they didn’t even have a huge, physical blow out just one week before Christmas. Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans are still reeling from the couple’s most recent split but they’re already back together and even spent Christmas together and now New Year’s Eve too.

One of my favorite days at lego land with @blacchyna ????

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There are rumors that Rob is beefing with his famous family after they uninvited Blac Chyna to Kris Jenner’s annual Christmas Eve party so rather than ditching Chyna to party with his family, Rob decided to stay home and celebrate his first Christmas with his fiance and daughter Dream.

For New Year’s Eve, Rob and Blac decided not to be homebodies again and went out for a night on the town that they documented on Instagram with a few videos. One of the videos features Rob and Chyna on their way out with Chyna wearing some 2017 glasses. The caption reads, “Happy New Years woohoo! Hope y’all have a great New Years and be safe! Ciaooooo.”

Happy New Years woohoo ! Hope y'all have a great New Years and be safe ! Ciaooooo

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Blac Chyna also posted that video and another that featured just herself. That one came with no caption and just featured Chyna dancing around a bit to some music.

On New Year’s Day, it looks like the currently happy couple spent some more family time together. Rob posted a picture of himself with baby Dream. While he looks a little worse for the wear, his daughter with Blac Chyna is cuter than ever.

2017 ????????

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Rob Kardashian also showed off a picture of his New Year’s Day meal. It looks like he might be taking his health serious again after having another Diabetes scare. Just days ago, both Blac Chyna and Kris Jenner were seen rushing to the hospital. At first, no one knew what the problem was but it was later learned that Rob had to go in for treatment because he was having some trouble with his illness.

It might not be a coincidence that Rob was hospitalized last year on the day after Christmas too. That was when he found out that he was suffering from Diabetes and was warned to get his health in order and his weight under control.

It looked like that might happen too, after Rob and Blac Chyna started dating. Kim Kardashian’s former BFF was looking like a real good influence on Rob when they first got together. He was working out at the gym and eating really good for a while there and all the progress showed. Rob and Chyna even posted pictures and videos of their clean eating and workout sessions to prove that Rob was focused on his goal.

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After Chyna got pregnant with Dream, it seems like Rob stopped caring about getting back in shape and getting healthy. That led to his newest health crisis and seems to be a major issue in his relationship with Chyna. Hopefully, now that Rob has been reminded of the health implications if he ignores his Diabetes, he and Chyna can get their relationship and his eating habits under control. That New Year’s meal of stuffed salmon is a great start.

Do you think Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna will make it to see another New Year’s eve together? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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