Miranda Lambert Gives Fans A Relationship Update: Is She Still With Anderson East?

The rumors are always flying about Miranda Lambert and her boyfriend, Anderson East. The two seem to be doing great, but the rumors have been out that they might have split. Now Miranda is finally speaking out and sharing how the two are doing. Since her split from Blake Shelton, Miranda has been pretty quiet about her personal life. She went to her Instagram and shared a post giving an update about her New Year’s Eve. Miranda shared a picture of the two together and cuddled up. Along with it, she shared the following caption explaining how she is doing now.

“Goodbye 2016. Thanks for everything! Here’s to 2017… to lessons and blessin’s, music and memories, friendships and hardships. I’m ready for all. And I’m so thankful to ring in this new year with love. @andersoneast????”

It does look like Miranda Lambert and Anderson East are still doing just fine. They are spending time together, but the two are not actually engaged yet, at least that they want to share with fans. There has been a lot of talk about whether Miranda or her ex-husband Blake Shelton will end up getting married again. Blake is still doing great with his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. There have been a lot of rumors about both of them deciding to tie the knot soon. Fans really wouldn’t be surprised if news came out that either couple had gotten married and kept it quiet until the ceremony was over with and done.

Back in December, Hollywood Life shared that the rumors were that Miranda Lambert and Anderson East had split. At the time, a source spoke out saying, “Miranda unwittingly sabotaged any last chance of keeping their romance alive. When she put their earlier, tentative wedding plans on hold in November, telling Anderson she was too busy traveling and promoting her new album.” It doesn’t sound like Miranda and Anderson have tied the knot or if they did she is keeping it quiet.

Back in January, Miranda Lambert talked about marriage, and she was really for the idea of doing it again if it was if the right person. She said, “[Marriage is] a tough business…If I ever were to get married again, I feel like it’s not about it being a step in life. It’s not about a piece of paper or a diamond. It’s the way you feel about somebody and the commitment in your heart.”

At the time, Gossip Cop said that there was not any truth at all to the rumors that Miranda Lambert and Anderson East had split. They shared that Miranda and Anderson didn’t even have plans to get married in 2016 and that none of the split information coming out was true. It would not be surprising at all if they were to get married in 2017, though.

Right now, Miranda Lambert is just living her life with Anderson East and doing her thing. She has been putting out new music and performing. Her latest album is very personal and is giving fans a bit of an inside view of how she felt during her big divorce from Blake Shelton. Now that Miranda is happy again with a new man in her life, it will be interesting to see what kind of music she decides to write. It would be great to hear some happy music come out of her.

Are you surprised to hear that Miranda Lambert is still going strong with Anderson East? Do you think that he is the one for her? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts about Miranda Lambert and her boyfriend Anderson East.

[Featured Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]