Whose New Year’s Eve Meltdown Was More Entertaining, Don Lemon or Mariah Carey?

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Like many across the country, Don Lemon and Mariah Carey were planning to bring in the New Year in style. Don Lemon, the CNN news anchor, was in New Orleans with Brooke Baldwin while broadcasting the festivities live. Meanwhile, Mariah Carey was in New York City preparing for her performance in front of one million people who turned out to watch the ball drop at Times Square. However, things would not go as planned with Lemon ending 2016 by taking shots of tequila and piercing his ears live on television while Mariah Carey stormed off stage after a series of technical issues that left the singer unable to lip sync to her own songs. So whose meltdown was better?

Below I will recap New Year’s Eve for both Don Lemon and Mariah Carey, then you vote for whose meltdown was more entertaining.

Don Lemon

As the Huffington Post reports, the CNN personality Don Lemon was ringing in the New Year alongside Brooke Baldwin in New Orleans. The pair was at the Spotted Cat, a local music club, and Lemon wasted no time getting wasted. While live on air, Lemon would take shot after shot of tequila only to end up deciding that before the night was over he would get a tattoo or a piercing.

Ultimately, Lemon decided on the piercing and was encouraged by Kathy Griffin to get a nipple piercing. Lemon began unbuttoning his shirt before Baldwin and Griffin’s co-host Anderson Cooper talked him out of the idea. The piercing was still on and Lemon had his ear pierced live on CNN as viewers at home seemingly couldn’t get enough of the TV personality’s New Year’s Eve antics.

Lemon could continue his drinking, noting during his broadcast that he was “lit.”

“People are saying that I’m lit. Yeah, I’m lit. Who cares?”

While Don’s shots of tequila and piercings seemed to be up to CNN’s standards, Lemon’s mic was finally cut when he was heard proclaiming, “2016 was awful.”

Mariah Carey

Things weren’t going much better in New York City for Grammy award winning artist Mariah Carey. The songstress had a meltdown during her New Year’s Eve performance at Times Square that left many viewers calling the train wreck an epic final moment of 2016. Carey took to the stage and quickly realized that this would not be an ordinary performance.

The New York Times reports that the song set started off rough with Carey noting moments into her performance of “Emotions” that “we can’t hear.” Carey attempted to “be a good sport” but things had spiraled to a point that the singer simply couldn’t take it anymore.

Before finally calling it quits, Mariah told her backup dancer boyfriend to go ahead and “do the leg lift” for the fans as the choreography fell apart before viewers’ eyes. She then told her crew to “bring out the feathers” so she could stand under her feathered arch one last time. Carey gave her fans the one final photo op before placing a hand on her hip and leaving the stage. After the performance, Carey took to Twitter to address the issue noting that “sh** happens. Have a happy and healthy new year everybody! Here’s to making more headlines in 2017.”

You can watch Mariah Carey’s train wreck performance below.

So who do you think had a better New Year’s Eve meltdown? Vote in our poll at the top of this page and leave you comments below.

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