‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: New Evidence In Tom Baker’s Murder Investigation Points To Alexis, Julian Has A Secret, And Franco Discovers A Clue

It’s safe to assume that Tom Baker (Don Harvey) was not a well-liked man in Port Charles, but during the week of January 2, his name is everyone’s mind as the police work to figure out who murdered him. It doesn’t look good for Franco, but new evidence pops up that could implicate Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Julian (William deVry) has a secret, but if he tells, it could put Alexis in harm’s way. General Hospital writers tease that big twists are on their way as the police dig digger into who could have killed Tom Baker. Did Franco kill Tom? If not, did Alexis black out and murder him?

Sealed With A Kiss

According to the January 16 issue of ABC Soaps In Depth, Julian forced Alexis to stay close to him by being in charge of his medical care in hopes of winning her love again. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Julian believed that if he could get her to kiss him, it would mean that his plan was working. However, Alexis may be toying with the mob boss, and it’s entirely possible she has no plans to reconcile with him.

“She wants to make him as uncomfortable as humanly possible,” General Hospital star, Nancy Lee Grahn revealed.

“I think on some level. she is enjoying making him squirm.”

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Alexis hopes Julian gets better as soon as possible, so they don’t have to see each other so often.

Whether Alexis likes it or not, she may need Julian in the coming weeks as she works to prove that she couldn’t have murdered Tom Baker. Is it possible that Alexis drank so much that she blacked out and attacked Tom? Why would she attack him? Did they know each other?

General Hospital writers state that these questions will all be answered in the next few weeks.

Julian Has A Secret

General Hospital spoilers tease that as the evidence piles up against her as the prime suspect in Tom’s murder, she begins to question whether Julian could be involved. After Alexis overhears Julian talking on the phone call, she asks him if he had anything to do with Tom’s murder.

“Part of Julian’s motivation when moving in with Alexis was to keep her safe,” General Hospital writer, Jean Passanante explained.

“Julian feels responsible for the fact that Alexis has been drinking so much lately. There are a lot of secrets being kept under that roof.”

Franco Confesses What He Knows To Liz

According to Soap Central, Franco will tell Liz about his dealings with her rapist. He will admit to everything he did to him but claims that when he left Tom, he was alive. He knows that Liz may not entirely believe him, but he begs her to help clear his name. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Franco may hold back a few juicy tidbits about his interaction with Tom Baker.

“Franco confessing to her is honest and very important to them as a couple,” General Hospital writer, Shelly Altman explained.

“He can’t erase who has been or who he is deep down. He can try but it’s always going to be a part of not only his life but their life if they are going to be a couple, moving forward.”

When a new piece of evidence emerges, Franco and Liz realize that things don’t look good for him. General Hospital spoilers tease that Franco is forced to make another confession, but this time, will Liz believe him?

A Clue That Could Solve Tom’s Murder Case

General Hospital spoilers tease that what happens next could turn the whole town of Port Charles upside down. To try to clear his name, Franco stumbles upon evidence that could send the police in another direction. If he turns the scoop into the police, it will implicate Alexis. Franco feels conflicted about turning on Alexis as he feels it could be asking for trouble.

“Franco comes upon some information about Alexis that could potentially clear his name. But it could start an avalanche of trouble for a lot of people, many of which he’s already caused trouble for in the past.”

General Hospital fans, did Alexis kill Tom Baker? If not, who do you think killed him?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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