Rosie O’Donnell Calls Trump ‘Mentally Unstable,’ Tells Americans They Have Three Weeks To Stop Him [Video]

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Rosie O’Donnell called Donald Trump “mentally unstable” and warned Americans that they were running out of time to stop him from being president.

According to the Daily Mail, the 54-year-old also shared a link to a CNN article on Twitter. The article that the comedian shared was written by Harry Hurt III, the author of Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump. The writer had revealed that he was walked out of the Trump International Golf Club on Friday in West Palm Beach after he introduced himself to Mr. Trump at the practice range. Hurt called the president-elect’s behavior “inappropriate,” adding that he received a “tongue lashing from the future president” on Saturday.

Hurt’s bombshell book was written 23 years ago. The publishing company, W.W. Norton, Starling, Lawrence, called the contentious book “too dangerous” to reprint. Hurt wanted to reprint the book when Trump won the Republican Party nomination for president. He said the lawyer of the publishing house had called it too much of a risk.


“Starling informed me that Norton’s current in-house lawyer whose name I do not know, had deemed the book too ‘dangerous to reissue’. It’s chickens**t, since the book has been out for 23 years, and no one has ever threatened to sue me…So that’s kind of bulls**t.”

Inside the book, Trump’s former wife Ivana alleged that she was raped by the businessman billionaire. She had revealed this in a sworn deposition during their divorce, adding that she did not mean it in the “criminal” sense. Despite Hurt’s opinion that he had not being sued, the book did encounter legal challenges when Trump demanded a sit-down with the author with his attorney back in 1993.

It was a meeting that did not end well. Trump had been angry over the allegations and pulled out a tape recorder from his suit, declaring that he had been recording the entire conversation. According to Hurt, Trump’s lawyer was shocked at his actions and even more baffled that he had done it without telling him.


“They got angrier and angrier. Donald jumped up and pulled a tape recorder out of the pocket of his suit and declared ‘I’ve got all this on tape.'”

When Hurt’s publishers refused to print the book, Hurt bought the rights and started selling it as an Amazon Kindle book. The book went on sale around the same time that Trump bagged the presidential nomination of the Republican Party.

The book was a hotcake, selling around $115 per copy. Used copies were a rarity, and someone who offered his own copy for sale was asking $1,872.21 for it. The 64-year-old author spent close to three years writing the biography about Donald Trump. The conclusion of the book was that the 70-year-old politician was morally and intellectually unfit to be president of the United States.


“I know of no other previous president who as a developer enthusiastically sought and lavishly compensated mob associated concrete pouring contractors for his buildings, who bankrupted four casinos, who deliberately induced bankers to lend him money on real estate projects that were destined to go bankrupt because he knew they were ‘too big to fail,’ and who has an ex-wife who swore he raped her.”

In the book, Hurt exposed the deepest recesses of the Trump business empire. According to him, the 70-year-old politician is not a misogynist but hardly treats women well either. He said Mr. Trump promoted women with one hand and pulled them down with the other. He gave a classic example using his ex-wife Ivana in his book, Lost Tycoon.


“He had her running Trump Castle in Atlantic City, then the Plaza Hotel in New York City. By almost all accounts, Ivana performed very well in both jobs. But Donald was still critical of her personally, declaring that her emphasis on work made her perform poorly as a wife.”

The O’Donnell-Trump feud started as far back as 2006 when the comedian was a host on The View. Their decade-long conflict was still in full swing all through 2016. During the November presidential debates, Trump called her a “fat pig,” “slob,” and “total degenerate.” O’Donnell hit back, calling him an “orange anus” and even insinuated at one point that his youngest son, Barron, had autism.

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