Bryna Franklin, Lifelong Democratic Party Activist, Voting For Romney [Video]

Political activist Bryna Franklin, 80, who has proudly voted for Democrats since she was “knee high to a grasshopper,” is casting her ballot for GOP standard bearer Mitt Romney.

Franklin, a Missouri native, formerly chaired Democrats Abroad Israel and was a past Democrat National Convention delegate.

She set forth her thought process for voting Republican for the first time in an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post. Her reasons for switching to Romney in this election are economic-based as well as the result of the president’s hostility toward the state of Israel, the only multicultural democracy and true US ally in the Middle East:

“No Democratic president has ever been so fiscally irresponsible … President Obama has run trillion-dollar deficits every year, and we are now $6 trillion deeper in debt than when he was elected …

“Past Democratic administrations have records of high economic growth and high employment. Yet, under Obama, millions more Americans are without jobs than before he took office, and half of recent college graduates are unable to find work …

“Democrats believe in furthering human rights and promoting liberty around the world. But Obama completely misreads the international scene … Nowhere has President Obama failed to live up to Democratic ideals more than in his relationship with democratic Israel … Obama has allowed severe deterioration of our special relationship just as Israel and the world face extreme danger.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Franklin is not alone by any means in her political preferences this time around. US citizens (including those from Florida and Ohio) voting absentee in Israel reportedly are voting overwhelmingly for Mitt Romney on the basis of jobs and the economy and on foreign policy.


Watch lifelong Democrat Byrna Franklin summarize her reasons for voting for Mitt Romney for president: