‘The Mick’ Star Kaitlin Olson On Being A Fish Out Of Water [Video]

Kaitlin Olson has a full plate at the moment. The actress is starring in the new Fox comedy, The Mick, while still juggling her role as Dee Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with her parenting duties in her personal life, so, in that way, Kaitlin has much in common with her character on The Mick. Playing Mackenzie “Mickey” Murphy, Olson finds herself juggling a unique, yet familiar, set of circumstances. Olson’s Mickey finds herself serving as the guardian of the children of her wealthy sister and brother-in-law who take off, running from the law over a financial scam gone awry. Everything is alien to Mickey, who has been living a life hustling and stealing for what little she has been able to obtain. Now, Olson’s character on The Mick finds herself trying to learn the ropes of a more aristocratic social circle, while also trying to connect with her sister’s pampered children.

The Mick Offers Kaitlin Olson A New World To Explore

The Mick, Kaitlin Olson
'The Mick' stars Kaitlin Olson as a never-do-well aunt suddenly appointed the guardian of her wealthy nephews and niece. [Image by Fox]

The Hollywood Reporter shares more about Kaitlin’s character, revealing that Mickey is unlike most aunts in some very unique and comical ways. For instance, one scene in The Mick has Olson shaving her armpits in a grocery store aisle, while another incident has Mickey using a garbage can fire to distract store employees, so she can steal ice cream.

When Mickey finds herself as the appointed caregiver for her sister’s children, Kaitlin’s character doesn’t hesitate to involve the minors in her questionable hijinks. One such example comes, as Mickey convinces her nephew to hurl insults at a bully.

“It’s a twist on the fish-out-of-water scenario,” Olson says.

“The show is about this woman who doesn’t care about anyone. She’s a hustler and then has to ask her sister for money. Ultimately, Mickey has to find her way through her sibling’s wealthy world. She clashes with the kids because they have completely different personalities.”

Ms. Olson says she took on the title role in The Mick because it afforded her an opportunity to play someone very different from who she is in her private life. Where Kaitlin has always been concerned with responsibility, the feelings of others, and presenting a good impression, Mickey is someone who is “ballsy” in her exchanges with others and isn’t confined by dreams, ambitions, or obligations.

“I love that Mickey doesn’t have dreams or a job or cares what people think of her,” says Kaitlin Olson.

More Stars From The Mick Talk About This New, Innovative Comedy Series

The Mick, Kaitlin Olson, Scott MacArthur
'The Mick' brings Kaitlin Olson and Scott MacArthur together as an odd couple. [Image by Fox]

The Mick completes its ensemble cast by giving Kaitlin Olson an eclectic array of characters to play against, as two different classes of society meld together in awkward and funny situations, reports Entertainment Weekly. To begin, Scott MacArthur joins The Mick as Mickey’s sidekick, Jimmy. He’s someone from her own world and someone who has a strong bond with Mickey.

“We don’t call him the boyfriend, but he’s her dude,” says MacArthur.

Carla Jimenez, who plays the housekeeper, Alba, on The Mick, says she really appreciates the pace with which the series delivers its story. She adds that the showrunners, Dave Chernin and John Chernin, who also come from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, have been excellent in keeping The Mick fresh and funny.

As The Mick really centers around Kaitlin’s on screen nephews Chip (Thomas Barbusca) and Ben (Jack Stanton), and niece, Sabrina (Sofia Black-D’Elia), the roundtable interview turned to the child actors to hear their impressions of the series.

Barbusca was the most vocal of the group, explaining that he has always loved It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so joining The Mick was the next best thing to getting a role on that series.

“I always dreamed to have a part on that show. Then when I got the script and I knew everyone from that show was behind it, it was the coolest thing in the world,” explained The Mick‘s Barbusca.

“So I thought it was really cool and I just set that out there and tried to get it.”

The Mick, starring Kaitlin Olson, Sofia Black-D’Elia, and Carla Jimenez, premieres tonight on Fox.

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