Orlando Brown Sex Tape: ‘That’s So Raven’ Star Reportedly Releases His Own Explicit Video With Girlfriend

Orlando Brown has allegedly released his own sex tape, the latest strange chapter in the saga of the former That’s So Raven star.

The video reportedly made the rounds on social media this week, showing Brown and his girlfriend together in a racy scene. BET grabbed a screenshot of Orlando Brown’s sex tape, noting that it was deleted by the actor but not before going viral online.

“While the NSFW video was reported and deleted just as swiftly as it went up on Instagram, some things you just can’t unsee.”

“Nothing like leaking your own sex tape to kick off a new year, uh, right?!”

“Unfortunately, the choice to air his dirty laundry shows he’s already off to a bit of a rocky beginning this year, but hopefully the actor will be able to get the help he appears to desperately need soon.”

Orlando Brown has had a difficult stretch after his early starhood on That’s So Raven. He was recently arrested for getting into a domestic dispute, TMZ reported. According to the report, Brown hit his girlfriend in a police department parking lot, where he was brought while in a fight with the girlfriend. The report also claimed that Brown was in possession of meth at the time of his arrest.

Brown was also arrested in 2014 after he allegedly made a death threat against a woman, her daughter, and her mother. As TMZ reported, an audio of the confrontation leaked and Brown could be heard shouting, “I’ll kill you, your mama, your daughter, everybody.”

And back in 2013, he was sentenced to 180 days in jail for a DUI arrest in 2011. Brown was originally sent to alcohol education courses, but a judge sent him to jail after Brown could not prove that he finished the course.

Orlando Brown Sex Tape: 'That's So Raven' Star Reportedly Releases His Own Explicit Video With Girlfriend
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And earlier this month, the 29-year-old was seen in a fight with his girlfriend in a video broadcast on Instagram Live. Brown could be heard in what sounded like a freestyle rap about his girlfriend not having a manager, and he was then heard shouting “It’s over!” several times.

As the video screen went dark, it sounded as if Brown and his girlfriend were physically fighting.

The Instagram page Baller Alert posted the video of Orlando Brown’s fight, where it garnered close to 300,000 views.

While Orlando Brown may now be in trouble for his sex tape and his past run-ins with the law, the actor has also looked back fondly on his time appearing on That’s So Raven. He even appeared in a reunion of the show’s stars on The View.

Orlando Brown leaked his own sex tape, reports indicate.
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Orlando Brown is not the only actor to be rocked by a sex tape scandal in recent weeks. A host of reality stars have seen explicit videos released, including a recent one of Love & Hip Hop star Jessica Dime. And back in October, her fellow Love & Hip Hop star Moniece Slaughter saw her own sex tape become a major plot line on the VH1 reality show. As the International Business Times noted, Slaughter threatened to take major legal action against anyone who might release the explicit video. It’s not clear if the real video ever made it to the internet.

If Orlando Brown really did release his own sex tape, it’s not clear what may have motivated the actor. It’s possible that he wanted the world to see that he and his girlfriend are on good terms again, or it may have been a simple error on his part in posting the video. Either way, the actor doesn’t appear to have spoken out about the explicit tape’s release.

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