‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7B Spoilers: What Lies Ahead For Rick And Negan?

Walking Dead fans will be happy to know that the last half of Season 7 will have a much different tone than the first half. 7A was difficult for long-time fans as it put Rick Grimes and his friends in territory that was unfamiliar for both them and viewers. The premiere killed two characters in a gruesome manner that included violence and gore that many found gratuitous. It left Rick and his people in a dark place where they felt powerless and hopeless, and the tone never changed. Right up until the 7A finale, this season of The Walking Dead felt slow, and many found it pointless and without the heart they have always loved about the show. It seems that is going to change when the show returns for the last half.

Although The Walking Dead doesn’t always follow the plot of the Robert Kirkman comics on which it’s based, Comicbook notes that it’s been more true to the source material this season than in any other season. If they continue in this manner, there are a few things we can probably expect in 7B.

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Remember King Ezekiel? We met the eccentric leader and his tiger Shiva in episode two of this season, and neither has been seen ever since. That will change when the show returns. Fans became hopeful when Season 7A ended with Rick and his friends regaining their hope and determination to do more than survive. This upward trend in their attitudes and energy will continue when Jesus introduces Rick and Ezekiel and they unite to take down Negan and the saviors. This union won’t be one without its problems though as Rick’s aggression collides with Ezekiel’s peaceful, pacifist attitude.

As part of this takedown of The Walking Dead‘s newest villain, Dwight will also team up with Rick in his war against Negan. He’ll be their inside man, giving them inside information as he continues to make Negan think he is as loyal as ever. When the time comes for the fight to begin, it does so in an epic manner in the comics. Rick’s people, Ezekiel and his people, and some from the Hilltop appear at the entrance to the Sanctuary, armed and ready to fight.

One thing we are not likely to see in Season 7B of The Walking Dead is Negan’s backstory. But Gimple did say a while back that we would see it at some point. As iDigital Times noted, Negan is currently a pretty flat character. It’s been one of the complaints of some viewers. We know nothing about who he was before the zombie apocalypse or what made him become so evil. This is one more thing we can learn from the comics though.

Some have wondered why that barbed-wire bat of his is named Lucille. Well, long before he wielded Lucille at Rick and his clan in the Season 7A opener of The Walking Dead, Negan was married to a woman named Lucille. She died in the hospital of a terminal illness just as the zombie apocalypse was beginning. She was the first zombie Negan ever saw. He was having an affair when she died and was riddled with guilt about it when she passed. He actually tried to help several people at first, but after seeing many of them die, he gave up and turned into the person we now know. There’s more, but that’s the basic story behind his evil ways. Hopefully The Walking Dead will include the rest of the story in the future.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 2 at 9 p.m. ET.

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