DC Comics Television Series: Speculation On Five Potential New Shows Geoff Johns Might Be Teasing

A tweet by DC Comics president Geoff Johns about a potential new television series has spurred speculation about potential new additions to the company’s many on-going projects, both old and new.

In a Twitter thread celebrating the arrival of 2017, Johns talked about his upcoming projects at the company, including the Zack Snyder-produced films Wonder Woman and Justice League as well as potential new comics writing projects.

But the tweet that has generated buzz is one in which Johns teases a new DC Comics television project. The tweet tags some of the currently running shows (the Arrowverse shows on The CW, plus Gotham and Lucifer over on FOX) while teasing one “which will be announced soon.”

Assuming this has nothing to do with one of the many pilot projects currently in development—like SyFy’s Krypton, a Superman prequel series, or FX’s adaptation of DC imprint Vertigo’s Y: The Last Man, which The Hollywood Reporter says recently nabbed a showrunner—there exist a number of possibilities for a new television series, either as part of the Arrowverse or as an individual project on another network. Here are five possible candidates.

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in the Warner Bros./DC Comics film.
[image by Warner Bros.

Green Lantern

The possibility of a Green Lantern series in the Arrowverse has been teased for a while. Arrow and The Flash have both made mention of Coast City, home of Johns’s favorite Lantern, Hal Jordan. Green Lantern has had a rocky time in media in the past few years, with the Ryan Reynolds film and the animated television series both failing to impress or to gain sequels or more seasons. Perhaps a reboot on The CW is just what the character needs to get back on his feet. Alternately, a higher budget on a major broadcast network could make for a more special-effects driven series.


Although NBC canceled the Matt Ryan-starring television series about the demon hunter-slash-occultist John Constantine, the network reached a deal with The CW to allow the character to appear on Arrow, where he formally introduced the mystical elements that played a significant role in Arrow‘s fourth season. That wasn’t the first time last year that The CW reached a deal with another network, either: parent network CBS allowed Grant Gustin to appear on Supergirl as The Flash.

Matt Ryan’s portrayal of the character remains a highlight of the series—he’s even voicing Constantine in the upcoming DC animated film Justice League Dark. The CW’s special streaming service CW Seed also has all episodes of the NBC series, which could mean good news for the character’s return on The CW in one form or another.

A promotional image for NBC's Constantine, adapated from the DC Comics book for television.
[Image by NBC]

Birds of Prey

A Birds of Prey television series was previously attempted on The WB, starring Dina Meyer as Barbara Gordon/Oracle, Ashley Scott as the Huntress, and Rachel Skarsten as Dinah Lance. Although these characters now exist in different forms on other DC Comics shows (the former on Gotham, the latter two on Arrow), it isn’t completely outside the realm of possibility for DC to take a second shot at this one, particularly with female villain team-up Gotham City Sirens moving forward on film, as the Inquisitr reported in December.

The CW is a natural fit, being the successor to The WB, and while Barbara Gordon might be off-limits thanks to Gotham, the show could potentially introduce Cassandra Cain or Stephanie Brown as Batgirl, presenting an alternate take on the original Birds of Prey series in which Batman had abandoned Gotham City.

Teen Titans

Teen Titans remains one of the most beloved series of the original DC Animated Universe and is another solid option for live-action television. While Cyborg has already made an appearance in Batman v Superman, the rest of the characters from the cartoon are currently unused. Snyder and Ben Affleck are unlikely to use Robin the Boy Wonder, at any rate, and the other DC Comics shows don’t really need the other Titans right now. The CW is a good fit for this show due to its youth-skewing demographics.

Jonah Hex

The Western-themed episodes of Legends of Tomorrow have both featured Jonah Hex, and both have been generally well-received. The character’s previous film outing, a solo film starring Josh Brolin, was less successful (Box Office Mojo indicates that the film failed to make up its $47 million budget), so the character is currently free for a fresh start. Spinning off from Legends will also give that show a companion series, one that doesn’t require “alien invasions” as an excuse to draw the Legends back to the Arrowverse’s Earth-bound characters and locations.

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