Florida Couple Found Dead Near SUV Along Interstate 4, Three Children Found In Back Seat

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office are conducting an investigation after a married couple was found dead near their SUV along Interstate 4 with their three children uninjured in the backseat of the vehicle, according to the Daytona Beach News Journal.

At around 2 a.m. on Saturday, December 31, an anonymous caller made a report about a parked vehicle on the side of the road on interstate 4 at the mile marker 122 with its hazard lights on.

A state trooper was dispatched to the scene and discovered the bodies of a married couple, 32-year-old Daniel Kelsey and Heather, 30, – both individuals were reportedly from Ormond Beach – outside near the SUV with their three sons in the back seat.

When emergency services arrived at the scene, the couple were pronounced dead.

It was reported that the children were alive and uninjured, who are between the ages of eight months and 4-years-old, before being transported to the Halifax Health Medical Center as a precaution, which prompted the Department of Children and Services to get involved.

It was not immediately made clear what caused the couple’s death, but Daniel and Heather’s body was taken to a local examiner’s office for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Investigators say there were no immediate signs of foul play but won’t be certain until the results are in.

Family and friends were devastated after learning that the Ormond Beach parents were found dead near their SUV with their three children alive inside.

A long-time friend of Daniel, Jerrell Jackson, of Daytona Beach, – who reportedly attended Campbell Middle School and Spruce Creek High School with him, stated that he was “having a hard time processing his close friend’s death.”

Jackson said the news of his friend’s death was “unbelievable” and “so unreal.” He went on to say that he Daniel and his wife, who reportedly just met last year, was doing great in their new city.

He told reporters that Daniel, who was described as doing awesome work on cars since he was a mechanic, “was a loving, devoted father who did anything for his kids. I loved Dan like a brother; every time you saw him, you saw his kids,” Jackson said.

In a Facebook post, Jackson wrote that he would truly miss his friend, showing a picture that Daniel sent him on Christmas via Facebook private messaging.

The day that Jackson lost his friend was also his 32nd birthday – a day he “will never forget.”

Before Daniel’s untimely death, he called Jackson and the two of them talked for one minute and 26 seconds.

Jackson never expected that it would have been one of the last conversations he would have would his long-time friend.

In a Facebook post, Candice Lynn, who was Heather’s friend, sai,: “His wife was also a very beautiful intelligent loving woman. Heather and I grew up together since kindergarten, and we’ve been like sisters.”

“The last time I saw her was last month when she came up to visit with the babies, and they look like they were doing so good. I told her how much of a good mother she was and Daniel was an excellent father.”

“It’s just so devastating and I just still can’t process that it’s actually happened. Two amazing people who are gone too soon,” the post continued.

According to a family friend, not long after the incident, the couple’s children were released from the hospital and are now in the custody of Daniel’s mother and his stepfather.

Investigators are working diligently to uncover how and why the Ormond Beach parents were found dead near their SUV while their three children remained in the vehicle uninjured.

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