Heidi Klum Takes Off Makeup For Children’s Charity

Heidi Klum isn’t usually seen by the public without her makeup on, but the supermodel decided to get “bearfaced” in order to benefit a children’s charity.

Klum, along with other celebrities like Caroline Flack and Louise Redknapp, are encouraging people to go makeup free on November 9 for this year’s BBC Children in Need BearFaced campaign.

Klum said:

“Having worked in the fashion industry for a number of years, I am a firm believer of encouraging women’s empowerment. And what better way to do so than [by] supporting such a fantastic charity. I am so proud to be taking part in this year’s BBC Children in Need BearFaced campaign.”

The charity is encouraging women to ditch their make up on November 9 to raise money for disadvantaged children across the UK.

The charity writes:

“Get your friends and family to sponsor you to go ‘BearFaced’ for BBC Children in Need. We’re asking people to go without make up for the day on Friday 9 November to raise money for Pudsey (the charity’s mascot). To show you’re going BearFaced, add an official Pudsey paw to your cheek, take a picture and share!”

Here’s a photo of Heidi Klum without makeup for the BearFaced campaign.



It isn’t typical to see Heidi Klum without makeup especially around Halloween. The supermodel tends to dress up in elaborate costumes to celebrate her favorite holiday. But Klum decided to cancel her annual Halloween party due to Hurricane Sandy.

Klum said:

“I hope you and your loved ones are safe after this devastating storm in the New York City area. For obvious reasons, I am canceling my Halloween party scheduled for tomorrow night.”

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