WWE News: John Cena Calls Out Roman Reigns And The United States Champ Fires Back

For quite some time now, John Cena has been out of the WWE spotlight as he has been working on projects outside of the ring. Now, he returned this past week on SmackDown LIVE and it appears as if he is going after the WWE Championship currently held by AJ Styles. Still, that isn’t stopping him from poking the sleeping beast who is the current United States Champion over on Monday Night Raw, and that is Roman Reigns.

Well, even though they’re on different brands/shows, Reigns and Cena are taking shots at one another on Twitter. It wouldn’t be impossible to pull off a feud between these two, but it would take a good bit of work. Still, having them interact at all is quite intriguing.

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Reigns is currently feuding with Kevin Owens over the WWE Universal Championship on Monday Night Raw, and they will have another match at the Royal Rumble later this month. As reported by Sports Illustrated, the two recently had a match at a house show which got to Owens having Reigns in a headlock down on the mat.

During the headlock, Owens was yelling at the crowd about pay and salaries and it started Reigns laughing in the middle of the ring which can be seen in the video. After the video went viral, Reigns decided to comment on it.

The day after Reigns tweeted out this comment, he received a lot of responses but one stood out. That response came from one of the top stars on SmackDown LIVE and one of the biggest in all of WWE – John Cena.

A few hours later, Reigns decided to fire back at Cena for being called out.

That is where the interaction ended, but it’s quite interesting to see two of WWE’s top stars, who are both babyfaces, face off on Twitter. Sure, it may end up meaning nothing in the long run, but for them to interact at all is something that was quite unexpected.

As recapped by the official website of WWE, John Cena made his long-awaited return to SmackDown LIVE this week and issued a big challenge. He said he wanted to have a match at Royal Rumble with the winner of the Triple Threat main event for the WWE Championship.

The winner of that match ended up being AJ Styles and the match is set for later this month.

wwe news john cena roman reigns twitter kevin owens
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Now, the top two matches at the Royal Rumble have John Cena and Roman Reigns going after the top titles on their respective brands. For these two superstars to go back and forth on Twitter for any reason would be attention-getting, but considering the feuds they’re in, it makes things even more interesting.

John Cena is on SmackDown LIVE and Roman Reigns is on Monday Night Raw. Both are chasing the top titles for their current brands and being on separate rosters kind of takes the possibility of a big-time feud out of the picture. That is, of course, unless WWE decides to make WrestleMania 33 a brand vs. brand show which could mean their leading to Champion vs. Champion – Cena vs. Reigns. Maybe that isn’t the case, but their recent Twitter exchange is quite interesting.

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