Becky Watts Murder Story: Killer Nathan Matthews Attacked In Jail With Boiling Butter

Becky Watts’ killer, Nathan Matthews, 29, has been sent to the hospital after a fellow inmate attacked him with a jug full of boiling butter.

As previously reported by the Bristol Post, Matthew was attacked by double killer Royston Jackson, who poured boiling butter or “ghee” over his face and neck. Jackson, 49, is serving a life sentence for strangling sex offender Gordon Boon, 73, in Norfolk in 2008.

Prison staff doused Matthews with water following the attack. On Friday, he received medical treatment at the healthcare unit of Long Lartin high-security jail near Evesham, Worcestershire.

Darren Galsworthy, the father of the Briston teen Matthews killed, felt elated upon hearing the news of the attack, saying that it’s made his day. Galsworthy is married to Anjie, Matthews’ mom.

“Karma’s a b***h. I’m not sorry it’s happened. At least Nathan is feeling some of the pain Anjie and I feel every single day,” he said.

“It’s my birthday today and that’s the best present I’ll get all day.

“That’s made my day.

“Are the injuries life threatening? I won’t be truly happy until Nathan’s dead.

“I’m tempted to buy some bunting and put it up all around the house.”

Nathan Matthews is serving a minimum of 33 years for killing his 16-year-old stepsister, Betty Watts, who hails from Briston. He reportedly strangled Watts to death at her home on February 19 last year, and then cut up her body in the bathtub at his and his girlfriend’s home at Cotton Mill Lane Home in Barton Hill.

His girlfriend, Shauna Hoara, then 21, and who was pregnant at the time, was given a 17-year-sentence for manslaughter, conspiracy to kidnap, possession of a stun gun, perverting the course of justice and preventing a lawful burial.

In November, Shauna Hoara has been attacked in her cell multiple times, according to Mirror.

“Shauna has been so badly beaten up she has needed to be resuscitated twice,” a friend who requested anonymity said.

After Becky Watts was reported missing, a massive search — the biggest in Avon and Somerset Constabulary’s history — has been conducted across Bristol. It was not until 11 days when they discovered Watts’ cut-up body in a garden shed.

Williams and Hoara were found guilty of a “sexually motivated kidnap plan” last year after a six-week trial at Bristol Crown Court last year. The court suspected that the two were into “petite teenage girls.”

Becky Watts was murdered in the home she shared with her dad Darren Galsworthy and his wife, and Matthews’ mum, Anjie.

Nearly two years after her death, a final memorial has been given to Becky Watts near her home, where they put up a light in St. George’ s Park to remember the schoolgirl.

Her schoolfriends at KTS Training in Fishponds also launched a fundraising campaign to get £2,500 for the project.

The light in St.George’s Park says the words “shine on” and is tinged with a pink color for a subtle effect.

Steve Newman, who worked for the college, said Becky was a “lovely and popular girl with a great sense of humour and smile.”

“It was mentioned at her funeral that she was a ‘bright light in a dark world’ and we thought it would be a fitting tribute to have a light shining in her local park providing safety and comfort to others,” he added.

Last month, a graffiti mural made to honor Watts was installed in St. George’s Park, but it was destroyed by arsonists.

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