‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers: Nick Viall May Have Already Dumped His Final Pick, Could End Up A Bigger Villain Than Juan Pablo

The Bachelor 2017 is about to begin, but the spoilers are already pointing toward an unhappy ending for Nick Viall.

The star of this season, Viall has already seen his share of heartache in trying to find a wife. But the spoilers coming out ahead of this season of The Bachelor indicate that it might be Viall doing the heartbreaking this time around, appearing on the show mainly to gain attention and leaving his final pick in the dust.

[WARNING: Potential spoilers for The Bachelor 2017 may be ahead]

As Hollywood Take noted, insider Reality Steve reported that Nick Viall has made his final pick, but that he’s not going to remain with the woman for long.

“Reality Steve recently did a Q&A with fans, and he reported that Nick and his fiancée are already having problems. When asked if he thinks Nick’s engagement will last, Reality Steve said, ‘Not a chance.’ Steve added that he, ‘heard some things’ and that the relationship is ‘not great.'”

Reality Steve, who has used his connections within ABC to spill spoilers about each season, reported that Viall will be picking Vanessa Grimaldi, a 29-year-old teacher from Montreal. But it’s not exactly love between the two, Reality Steve added. Back in November, just after filming concluded, Steve reported that Nick went on the show “strictly to promote his career” and that Nick was headed to Los Angeles to take acting classes and make his run at Hollywood.

'The Bachelor' 2017 Spoilers: Nick Viall May Have Already Dumped His Final Pick, Could End Up A Bigger Villain Than Juan Pablo
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So while the relationship between Nick Viall and Grimaldi may be officially still going on — assuming Reality Steve is correct about Nick’s final pick, of course — they could have an expiration date. Nick’s Hollywood ambitions would likely mean that not a matter of if he dumps Vanessa, but when.

That could leave Nick Viall as less of a beloved Bachelor lead and more of a villain. Fans of the ABC reality dating show are notoriously tough on contestants who appear to be in the show only for attention. That was the case with Juan Pablo Galavis, the star of Season 18 who ended up being one of the most reviled contestants after it appeared that he was only trying to further his career.

And as the show’s first three-time contestant, Nick Viall could end up even more hated than Juan Pablo if the spoilers about his Bachelor season turn out to be true.

'The Bachelor' 2017 Spoilers: Nick Viall May Have Already Dumped His Final Pick, Could End Up A Bigger Villain Than Juan Pabl
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There have been similar rumors about Jordan Rodgers, the winner of last season who was rumored to be using his appearance as a springboard to a football commentary career.

Even if the Bachelor 2017 rumors point to an unhappy ending for Nick Viall, that doesn’t mean his season will be dull. Ashley Iaconetti, a Cosmopolitan writer who is also a friend of Viall, noted that he would make for an interesting contestant.

“There’s something interesting about Nick’s character, both as a reality TV personality and a real life friend of mine: Bachelor Nation has grown to love him very much in the same way that his Bachelor friends have. On his first couple of seasons, you may have thought he was a bit difficult and egotistical. We, his friends, have all thought the same thing at some point. But you started to see his warm, supportive side of him on Bachelor in Paradise this summer and that’s the person I’ve been friends with for over a year.”

Those who want to find out if the Bachelor 2017 rumors come true can catch the beginning of Nick Viall’s season this week. The season premiere will be on Monday, January 2, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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