Trump’s Team Promotes Punishment For Hillary: Her Alleged Attempt At Manipulating Election Makes Putin’s Small Potatoes? [Opinion]

Donald Trump appears to be distancing himself from his promise to appoint a special prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton, which was something he was champing at the bit to do while on the campaign trail. Trump might be laying off going after Hillary when it comes to holding her accountable in a court of law, but a member of his team is looking at punishing the former Democratic candidate. Trump’s future White House Communications Director Sean Spicer feels that punishment for Hillary’s alleged ill-fated attempt at influencing the election is in order.

The accusations against Putin are small potatoes when you look at what Hillary has allegedly done, which is basically the train of thought fueling Spicer’s reasons for saying Hillary should be punished. That’s probably not the only reason Spicer threw punishment on the table for Hillary during a recent interview. He cleverly turned around the topic of the conversation about Putin and slid in Hillary’s past deeds. It’s not Trump saying this, but his future White House communications director who is questioning the level of scrutiny surrounding Putin over the accusations of him having a hand in attempting to undermine U.S. democracy, reports the Independent.

Sean Spicer appeared on ABC’s This Week and he was quick to cut off the questions about the Russians hacking into U.S. servers. He deflected any talk of Russia allegedly attempting to influence a Trump win by hacking U.S. servers. He did this by holding Hillary as the much bigger culprit when it came to attempts at manipulating election results. He also said that this incident just highlights how the Democrats need to do a better job with their IT security because he sees this as a problem if people are trying to hack it, according to Politicus USA.

Spicer tosses Hillary Clinton into the manipulation pool’s deep end with her alleged attempt at swaying the election her way, which he sees as a much more serious offense than what Putin is being accused of. As far as Spicer is concerned, he sees Hillary getting the debate questions ahead of the primary debate as a blatant attempt to manipulate the election.

Spicer was able to deflect questions on Putin and the sanctions Obama has put forth by focusing on Hillary gaining access to the debate questions. This gave her an edge by knowing the questions ahead of time during her debates with Trump. Spicer was referring to Hillary being handed the primary debate questions by the former Democratic National Committee chairperson, Donna Brazille, who is also a former CNN commentator.

As seen in the video below, Harry Reid is just one of the politicians who believe that Putin had a hand in getting Trump into the White House. He discussed this during a speech he gave in early December. At the time he was calling for FBI Director James Comey’s resignation over this. He claims Comey had information that Russia hacked into U.S. servers “seeking to tip” the election Trump’s way, according to The Guardian.

All the information on Putin’s alleged involvement in a hacking scheme has not been gathered, Spicer said. He claims that his team is still receiving information on this. Then he turned it around and said, “When are we going to start talking about the other side of this, which is what Hillary did to influence the election? Is she being punished in anyway?”

Trump and his team aren’t putting much faith in the claims being made about Russia orchestrating a hacking event under the direction of Putin. Trump has not only shared his doubt about this happening with the public, but he has also suggested dropping the matter.

Politicus USA claims that Trump and his team attack their political enemies by projecting their own misbehavior and crimes back onto their enemies. The website refers to this as a “standard technique” used by Trump and his camp.

They cite Spicer as never mentioning just how Hillary manipulated the election, although Spicer did explain this manipulation as Hillary attempting to get an edge on Trump by knowing the questions beforehand in the primary debate. She had time to have a fine-tuned answer at the ready and Trump was left to answer questions directed at him off the cuff.

The website claims that Spicer’s call for punishing Hillary did nothing to distract anyone from Putin and his government allegedly putting Trump into the White House. They appear to put an awful lot of stock into the abilities of Putin and his government, where even many of Trump’s non-supporters don’t believe he won the election because of Putin.

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