‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Spoilers, Premiere Date, And Cast: No Alex Mahone, Death For Lincoln?

The return of Prison Break Season 5 was announced in July 2016, suggesting that the premiere date would be in 2017. Fans of the hit series have been waiting for the return of the much-loved show that ended eight years ago. With the arrival of 2017, the excitement about the highly anticipated series is increasing with each passing day.

‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Spoilers

Prison Break had ended with the death of Michael Scofield, and fans are curious to know how he will be brought back into the scheme of things. If we go back to 2009, technically fans did not see Michael die as his final moments were left to the imagination of the audience.

The new season will be set in present time, so the show would definitely delve into the incidents that might have occurred during the past eight years. Latest Prison Break Season 5 spoilers suggest that Scofield would be shown working for an ISIS style terror organization. Scofield would not be the same guy he was before, not afraid to do wrong things or killing someone. Wentworth Miller said the following during an interview.

“He’s been up to some not-so-nice things and there’s a question as to whether or not he’s even qualified to be considered a good man.”

As seen in the Prison Break Season 5 trailer, Scofield is in a Yemeni Prison which is considered to be one of the toughest to breakout. Of all people, T-bag will learn of his existence and bring that news to Lincoln, who then decides to help Michael orchestrate the biggest Prison Break in the show.

Prison Break Season 5 spoilers suggest that in the entire process of breaking Scofield out, Lincoln will have to die. He would be hit badly by a truck and may end up losing his life. The news first surfaced on a Storyboard for Season 5 released by Entertainment Weekly. Lincoln’s knowledge about Michael’s imprisonment may put a greater agenda at risk and people behind it would go to great lengths to protect the secret. Executive producer Paul Scheuring said the following.

“If people start finding out that Michael is still alive, then it puts their larger secret agenda at risk.”

‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Returning Cast

Fans will have the privilege of seeing most of the cast from the earlier Prison Break seasons. Besides Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows, Sara Tancredi will also be back in Season 5. Actor Mark Feuerstein will be seen as Scott Ness, Sara’s love interest.

Among other characters Fernando Sucre, T-bag, Benjamin Franklin a.k.a C-note would be back to help Michael Scofield escape from prison. Paul Kellerman, who had switched sides to support Scofield in the final season, will also be back. There will also be a few new characters to make Prison Break Season 5 return more interesting.

A Prison Break Season 5 spoiler about a highly appreciated character from the earlier seasons, Alexander Mahone, will disappoint several fans. As reported by The Sun, rumors suggest that Mahone will not return for the upcoming season. His character was introduced in Season 2, and over time was loved my most fans. It is worth noting that his return is not entirely ruled out. If, at some point the story needs him, he would be back. Donald Self will also not return in the Prison Break Season 5.

‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Premiere Date

As of now, there has been no official announcement for the Prison Break Season 5 premiere date. Several spoilers suggest that it will premiere in spring 2017 on Thursdays at 9/8c primetime slot. The Season 5 will have a total of nine episodes and will probably be the last season of the show. However, Wentworth Miller had the following to say.

“There’s always room for more, in my mind. As long as it is a story that’s worth telling, as long as it feels justified and cool and edgy.”

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