Sarah Palin Calls On Donald Trump To Quit The United Nations

It looks like 2017 is off to an interesting start because former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has called on President-elect Donald Trump to quit the United Nations. This latest call for action comes after the UN Security Council approved a non-binding resolution that condemns Israeli settlements in territories that have been occupied by Palestinians since 1967.

The United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 states that Israeli settlements are a flagrant violation of international law and have no validity legally. Furthermore, it issues the demand that Israel cease to settle there and that it should fulfill its obligations as an occupying power as stated under the Fourth Geneva Convention. The resolution passed with 14 of the 15 members of the Security Council’s approval. The United States abstained, but did not exercise its veto power, signaling a shift in American policy towards Israel in the waning days of President Obama’s administration.

Because of this, Sarah Palin took the opportunity to speak with Breitbart about how the United States has been led by characters who do not have Israel’s best interests at heart.

Leaving the United Nations? That's Sarah Palin's advice to Donald Trump.
Sarah Palin would like President-Elect Trump to consider leaving the UN. [Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]

Palin then suggested that there were two ways that President-elect Trump’s new administration could handle the United Nations in the future. The first was to exit the UN.

“One is, I called for our next president, Donald Trump, to call for the unshackling of the political bands tying us to the UN. By exiting the UN, where injustice is actually rewarded, we then will be able to uphold America’s reputation as the leader, and as the kind and compassionate and generous nation that we are – as the nation sharing values that, when emulated by any other nation, can bring justice and equal rights to any other nation”

The second method she mentioned involved exiting the UN, but not just by Donald Trump. She espoused the belief that the people need to step up and demand that the new administration stop funding the UN. In essence, Palin wants people to realize the need for the common person to regain control of national affairs. She wanted that to be the most important message of 2016; that the government, the bureaucrats, and all elected officials work at the behest of the common person.

This isn’t the first time that someone has brought up the proposal to unilaterally withdraw from the United Nations. After the Brexit vote in Great Britain successfully initiated the departure of England from the European Union, Representative Mike Rogers laid out reasons why he wanted the United States to exit the United Nations as part of a bill he helped introduce to the House of Representatives.

Sarah Palin urges Trump to unilaterally leave the UN
U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers would like to see the US withdraw from the UN. [Image by Todd Van Ems/AP Images]

In defense of H.R. 1205 – The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015, Rep. Rogers points out that even though the United States makes up almost a full quarter of the United Nation’s annual budget, the UN regularly attacks the rights of U.S. citizens. Among these attacks, Rogers points to the Law of the Sea Treaty, and the UN’s work to establish international regulations on global warming. He also takes umbrage with the UN’s decision to grant permanent observer status to the Palestinian Authority.

The United States actually contributes 22 percent of the United Nation’s total budget, which is the maximum allowable under its regulations. The next closest contributor is Japan, who makes up 9.68 percent. By comparison, Russia is responsible for 3.088 percent of the UN’s budget, and China only puts in 7.921 percent.

Whether or not President-elect will try to separate the United States from the United Nations remains to be seen. The path to doing so would be long and arduous, with many steps, not the least of which would be the U.N finding a new home. Still, with elected officials like Congressman Rogers pushing to get the idea on the table, it will be interesting to see how the U.N would react to such a proposal being seriously considered by the new administration.

[Featured Image by Yuriy Boyko/Shutterstock]