Mother’s Death Broadcast On Facebook Live While 1-Year-Old Son Watched, Here’s What Led To Her Untimely Death

Keiana Herndon was excited about life and all that 2017 would bring. But, sadly, her life was cut short and many of her close friends and loved ones, including her 1-year-old son, witnessed her untimely death, firsthand. According to the Daily Mail, the 26-year-old mother of two decided to share her future aspirations via Facebook Live on December 28.

While holding her 1-year-old son, Herndon was reportedly telling her audience of her desire to go back to school in the near future. Initially, the video seemed relatively normal with the new year just days away, but things quickly took a disturbing turn for the worst. Witnesses have said Herndon began “wiping her face and shaking her head” before falling back.

“She go to wiping her face and shaking her head, and I was thinking, what’s wrong with Kei? We call her Kei. She then, she fell back and then Rylee picked the phone up and started talking and playing and then I hear [gasping noise], then I heard one more… I didn’t hear nothing else,” the stunned aunt told the outlet.

Here’s the clip of her news interview via Daily Mail:

After the phone fell, Herndon’s 1-year-old son, Rylee, picked it up. Then, her friend was recorded running into the room and calling 911. She was transported to a local hospital, but unfortunately, it was already too late.

Since Keiana Herndon was known for sharing details about her life on social media, there was nothing odd about the post. But, like many of her close friends and family, her aunt had no idea the Facebook Live video would be her last.

“Never knew that was going to be the last breath she would take [would be on] on social media live,” said Johnson.

Her mother, Mary Morgan, also shared her reaction to learning about what happened to her daughter.

“I put on some house shoes and a pair of pants and got into the car and drove to the hospital. The nurse came in and told me that my baby was gone,” Morgan said.

The video has since been deleted from Facebook. Of her 3,400 Facebook friends, it is still unclear how many social media users actually viewed the disturbing video. However, there’s one person who doesn’t even want to view the video: Her father.

“I don’t have the strength to watch it right now,” said Richard Herndon.

Since Keiana Herndon’s death was broadcast to social media users on Facebook Live, there are rumors circulating about the nature of her death. So, what actually contributed to the sudden death of a 28-year-old mother? According to Arkansas 4 News, her mother released a statement to clear up any rumors or assumptions that have been made. She revealed her daughter suffered from thyroid complications.

“She had thyroid problems. The thyroid messes with everything and it triggered her heart. It’s a tragedy, I know that much, and I know one thing, I would love to have my baby back with me,” said Morgan.

Although Herndon’s official cause of death has yet to be determined, thyroid complications can greatly impact the functions of the heart. According to Harvard Health, there is a very strong connection between thyroid disorders and heart conditions. Thyroid problems can cause slower than usual cardiovascular function.

“It may cause a slow heart rate, a rise in cholesterol, an increase in fluid around the heart, and heart failure. A precursor to hypothyroidism called subclinical hypothyroidism may cause some changes in the blood fats and blood vessel function that may lead to an increased risk of narrowing of the arteries.”

Keiana Herndon’s body will undergo an autopsy to determine her official cause of death before it is returned to her family. A GoFundMe account has been created for the deceased mother-of-two. It has been reported that the funds will be used to care for her two sons, Ja’Kylan and Rylee.

[Featured Image by Keiana Herndon/Facebook]