November 22, 2019
Kylie Jenner's Smoking Hot Photos Spark Outrage: Kylie Fakes Habit, Says Friend

Kylie Jenner's new smoking photos are causing their share of controversy on social media. The 19-year-old thought it would be cool to post some photos of her smoking on Instagram. Since Kylie has been sharing a lot of photos of herself smoking, fans are wondering if she picked up the habit.

If the Kardashian-Jenner clan is into smoking, you would hardly know it. The other sisters hardly share photos of themselves smoking. Kim Kardashian-West has done it before in a photo shoot even though it's not something she does in her actual life. Kylie Jenner does not look like the typical women who would smoke cigarettes or marijuana. She's usually too busy taking sexy selfies or showing off her makeup skills.

On Wednesday, March 1, she posted two black-and-white photos that show her smoking what looks like a rolled up joint, reports Elite Daily. Jenner appears to be lying down and posing topless in the photos but no one was focused on that. Everyone has been wondering when Jenner started smoking marijuana. It's no secret that her boyfriend Tyga has a penchant for weed. It wouldn't be uncommon if she took up that practice from her boyfriend.

Only four hours after it was posted to Instagram, the first photo received over 1.3 million likes and over 60,000 comments. While others commented on her looks, others expressed their distaste in Kylie's love for smoking.

"U need to stop smoking before u die," one fan wrote.

"What do your mom say about that," another wrote.

This isn't the first time that Kylie has hinted to liking marijuana. A year ago, she posted a Snapchat video of herself using a vaping device while driving.

And, just a few weeks ago, she immediately removed a photo from Instagram of smoke blowing out of her mouth. In the black-and-white photos, Jenner is seen wearing a black hooded bodysuit and exhaling a whole lot of smoke.

Kylie Jenner has the world talking about her photo shoots. Her photographer and friend Sasha Samsonova is the mind behind some of her controversial photos. In an interview with W magazine, she spoke out about Kylie's short film that showed her showering and cuddling up to her "Rack City" boyfriend. The saucy short clip also showed Kylie smoking a cigarette, which Sasha admitted she doesn't do in her waking life.

"It's super raw footage," Samsonova said. "As soon as my shoots with Kylie come out, so many people write on my page and rant about how it's all Photoshop, Photoshop, Photoshop. But the thing about this video is that there's no post-production work whatsoever. It's only cut together. It's very raw, and we tried to keep it that way – no skin retouching, nothing."

Sasha even photographed Kylie for the merchandise seen in The Kylie Shop. Most of the merchandise features the socialite wearing lacy lingerie and smoking a cigarette. Sasha referred to Kylie as her close friend and muse and said that everything they do is well-thought-out and natural. When it came to shooting that steamy video with Kylie and Tyga, she said that the couple was very natural and in their element.

"It feel into place very, very naturally," she added. "It just happened."

Back in 2015, Jenner dodged a question about smoking weed. She was happy to respond to fan questions on her app, but she did not feel comfortable when they asked her about her weed smoking habits. When asked how much marijuana she smokes on a daily basis, she remained quiet while her friends claimed that they were the most "anti-weed" people they know, reports Gossip Cop.

"OK, it's so annoying because everyone thinks I smoke weed," her friend Shamari Maurice said. "I'm like the number one, like, not weed smoker. Like I think weed's so stupid."

Jenner agreed with Maurice while Anastasia Karanikolaou said, "So am I," and they moved on to other questions.

This isn't the first time she caused speculation for her alleged drug use. In May 2015, Kylie slammed the rumors that she was "high as f***" in a Snapchat video. Then in July, she denied the rumors that there was cocaine at her high school graduation party.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]