Could ‘Drake And Josh’ Be The Next TV Show To Get A Reboot? Drake Bell Video Sparks Rumors

Former Drake and Josh star Drake Bell has posted a video that has fans excited at the possibility that the Nickelodeon hit will be the next TV show to get a reboot. It’s been nearly 10 years since the preteen favorite went off the air, but the video posted by Bell has him acting as his Drake and Josh character playing along with the storyline that his TV father, Walter, is missing and asking the public for help.

Bell asks that fans be on the lookout for Walter and participate in the search by using the hashtag #WheresWalter.

Bell also got some help from Drake and Josh‘s Helen, who posted a video of her own in the plight to find Walter.

Though there is no sign of Josh, according to MTV, Drake Bell had mentioned previously this year that he and Peck were trying to get the reboot together.

Drake and Josh fans were treated to a mini-reunion on Peck’s Grandfathered this past year when Bell appeared as a guest star. Josh Peck has been the more active actor of the duo with several movie roles including the remake of Red Dawn, the critically acclaimed Danny Collins starring Al Pacino, his co-starring role alongside John Stamos on Grandfathered, and several voice overs and guest appearances.

Drake Bell has kept busy with his music career and mostly voice over work in the acting realm since the end of Drake and Josh in 2007, but his personal life has also been rife with issues. In January of 2015, Bell posted a picture of his broken wrist stating that the doctors told him he would never play guitar again. Bell obviously recovered from the injury as he went on to play sold out performances in Mexico, but then at the end of 2015, Drake found himself behind bars for a DUI.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Drake Bell was arrested in Glendale, California, at 2 a.m. on December 22, 2015, after police saw him swerving, speeding, and driving erratically. Drake failed the field sobriety test and in September of 2016, he was sentenced to 96 hours of jail time, as this was his second DUI conviction. Perhaps Bell’s encounter with the law was the wake up call he needed to try and get his career back on track.

'Drake and Josh' ended in 2007 but fans are hopeful a reunion for the Nickelodeon comedy is in the works. [Image by Reed Saxon/AP.]

Drake and Josh is a show that evolved after Drake Bell and Josh Peck gained popularity as co-stars of The Amanda Show, featuring Amanda Bynes. The Nickelodeon comedy was centered around the characters Drake Parker and Josh Nichols, a pair of stepbrothers with opposite personalities. The show also featured School of Rock alum Miranda Cosgrove as the meddling younger sister. Drake and Josh ran for four seasons.

While everyone parted ways to work on other projects, Cosgrove had her own breakout Nickelodeon hit iCarly, and fans still hoped someday the group would get back together. In the wake of several reboots coming to life like ’80s darling Full House‘s new Netflix version, Fuller House, the Gilmore Girls revival, and the Boy Meets World spin off, Girl Meets World, television networks are seemingly capitalizing on nostalgia.

Drake and Josh reunion
Drake Bell and Josh Peck reunited with several other Nickelodeon alumni at the 27th Annual Kids Choice Awards in 2014. Could a 'Drake and Josh' reunion be coming in 2017? [Image by Kevin Winter.]

Now that Grandfathered has been cancelled, it is possible that the path is more clear for Drake and Josh to get back together and really make the reboot happen. Though Josh Peck hasn’t appeared to have bought into the #WheresWalter drama just yet, fans and Drake Bell may be hoping he’s at least game for coming back for a 10 year reunion.

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[Featured image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.]