S.E.S. K-Pop Comeback: 1st Generation SM Entertainment Girl Group Wants Fans To ‘Remember’ Them As They Return To ‘Paradise’ 20 Years After Their Debut Album [Video]

Over the last couple of years, the K-pop industry has seen the comebacks of numerous K-pop acts who helped start Hallyu. We are talking about first generation boy bands and girl groups who disbanded years ago, stepping aside for the second generation of K-pop acts like Big Bang, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, and Wonder Girls to make their mark.

When formerly disbanded K-pop acts started making their return, many thought only older fans, the ones who grew up with them, would be interested. Their comebacks were made mostly for nostalgic purposes. Little did they know that new K-pop fans who follow the second and even third generations love their music. As a result, we have seen K-pop comebacks of g.o.d. and Turbo. Probably the biggest comeback so far is Sechs Kies, with their comeback song “Three Words” becoming extremely popular. This led to their latest album, 2016 Re-ALBUM, selling over 78,000 copies. That is more than many established K-pop acts right now.

Now SM Entertainment is jumping on the trend as one of their first generation K-pop acts makes their return. S.E.S. will be making their comeback, and they wants fans to “Remember” as they return to “Paradise” 20 years after their first album.

S.E.S. First Part of 2016 Comeback With "Love"
The K-pop comeback for S.E.S. is a huge project for SM Entertainment. The first part of it was "Love" on SM Station. [Image by SM Entertainment]

The upcoming K-pop comeback for Sea, Eugene, Shoo, better known as S.E.S., is actually part of a huge project by SM Entertainment for their upcoming anniversary. It will be a big one because 20 years earlier, they made their debut with “I’m Your Girl.” To start off the project, S.E.S. performed a song titled “Love [Story]” on SM Station on November 28. According to Soompi, the song actually combines their hit songs “Love” and “I’m Your Girl.” As for the music video, it looks back at S.E.S.’s history with clips of their old music videos, concerts, and photo shoots.

After the release of their new or possibly remade song, S.E.S. continued to push forward with their 20th Anniversary Project, which included a comeback stage on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook on the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), followed by a performance at the 2016 MBC Gayo Daejejun on December 31.

That may seem like a lot compared to what S.E.S. has done every year in reuniting for a charitable cause, but there is more in store for their 20th Anniversary Project. S.E.S. will perform more concerts, release an entirely new full-length studio album, and have their own variety show, all backed by SM Entertainment. Just like the previous years when they reunited, they will be partaking in charity, as 20 percent of all proceeds from their 20th Anniversary Project will go towards philanthropic causes.

S.E.S. Promotion for "I'm Your Girl"
S.E.S. made their debut under SM Entertainment with their full-length studio album "I'm Your Girl." [Image by SM Entertainment]

Fans now get to hear brand new music from S.E.S., as they’ve recently released the music video for one of two featured title track songs, “Remember,” on New Year’s Day, as reported by AllKpop. This song is surely a love letter to their fans, as it is slow, melodic, and thankful for all the years they’ve supported them. In it, S.E.S. is asking them to “Remember” those moments, those beautiful times they spent together over the course of their career. It brought tears to the eyes of many K-pop fans.

Even S.E.S. themselves could not hold back their emotions, as they cried tears of joy and gratitude for all the fans have given them over the years, never forgetting them, even though they disbanded more than a decade ago.

“It’s a Dreams Come True [referenced from their first video album back in 1997] that S.E.S have come together again. I thank all the fans who waited for us. Let’s be happy together,” said Bada (Sea). “I cried multiple times in the waiting room today. Tears came to my eyes seeing the color purple [reference to their official color].”

“I’ve felt that time is precious moreso after raising kids,” said Shoo, “I was so happy working together this time. I think a lot of people were happy to hear that we were coming back.”

“It’s been a very long time since we’ve stood on stage since our concert in 1998,” Eugene said. “I’m having fun, and I’m touched. I dreamed of meeting my fans after we separated, and it’s very meaningful. I feel overwhelmed thinking about seeing my fans fill the concert venue. I’m looking forward to it. I really didn’t want to cry today.”

S.E.S.’s music video for their second song, “Paradise,” will release on January 2 in South Korea. It is also the same day their album, Remember, releases. The last album they released, Choose My Life-U, was released back in 2002, and this will be their first album in 15 years.

[Featured Image by SM Entertainment]