The Top 10 Best Highly-Rated Action Movies On Netflix, As Ranked By Fans

Some of the best movies on Netflix are perfect for an evening of non-stop action. Whether you are in the mood for a '90s classic like The Crow or a modern title like Captain America: Civil War, some of the best Netflix movies are action-packed. Using the audience score (listed next to the titles below) from Rotten Tomatoes, the Netflix movies listed are ranked according to their popularity among fans.

Galaxy Quest: 78

This '90s gem is one of the funniest action movies on Netflix, and it is as original as it is satirical. Led by Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver, the entire cast gave great performances. But per his usual, the late Alan Rickman stole the show.

Underworld: 79

Nothing says action like watching vampires and werewolves duke it out for supremacy. As fans anxiously await the next installment of the franchise, set to be released in January 2017, they can revisit the original on Netflix.

The Italian Job: 80

If you like heist movies with implausible plots, then this is the action film for you. This film on Netflix continues to charm audiences and it features an ensemble cast: Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Donald Sutherland, Jason Statham, Seth Green, and Edward Norton.

Beverly Hills Cop: 81

The "blockbuster" era of Hollywood movies was born out of the '80s, and Beverly Hills Cop was one of the most popular of its kind. Eddie Murphy's name is synonymous with the decade of excess, and this remains one of his best movies.

Big Trouble in Little China: 83

Coming in at number five on the list is one of the John Carpenter's most popular action films of the '80s. The New York Times describes why this is one of the best movies on Netflix.

"This 'mystical action-adventure-comedy-kung fu-monster-ghost story…' gets going with a ferocious battle between opposing bands of Chinese gunmen, knife-slingers, sword-jugglers and high kickers and ends the same way, only more so, with blades and bodies flashing, hissing and sizzling and with sensational feats of levitation and clashings in air…''Big Trouble in Little China' is an upscale send-up.'"
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Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl: 86

Unlike The Haunted Mansion, this film proved that movies based on Disney rides aren't all bad. And all it took was Johnny Depp paired with some witty writing to do the trick. This title remains one of the most popular action movies on Netflix that the whole family can enjoy.

The Rock: 86

Who would have thought that a movie directed by Michael Bay that stereotypes foreigners, women, and homosexuals would stand the test of time—but it does. This film is action to the excess, and that's what audiences love about it. From car chases, shootouts, double-crosses, Ed Harris as the villain, Sean Connery as the hero, and more explosions than you can count (this is Michael Bay after all), this movie has it all.

Grosse Pointe Blank: 87

Even a hitman deserves to go to his high school reunion to meet the love that got away; especially if that hitman is portrayed by John Cusack.

Captain America: Civil War: 89

Watch Captain America square-off against Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War. This is considered one of the best Marvel movies ever made, and it may just be the most popular action film on Netflix.

The Crow: 90

Coming in at number one on this Top Ten list is The Crow, which is probably going to be controversial to most. But whether it's because of Brandon Lee's on-set death during the filming of The Crow, or because of the popularity of the groundbreaking comic that it's based on, this film is the highest ranked action film streaming on Netflix.

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From Galaxy Quest to The Crow, some of the best action movies are on Netflix.

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