Brooklyn Man Brutally Mugged On Street During Hurricane Sandy [Surveillance Video]

New York City, NY – A man was viciously attacked and robbed by five opportunistic assailants in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn just as Hurricane Sandy struck the city. The incident was caught on surveillance video (see below), although the muggers themselves have yet to be caught.

Jeremy Furchtgott, who is a yeshiva student (i.e., studying Judaism at an religious educational institution), was assaulted on the otherwise empty street right at the peak of the storm.

The New York Daily News explained what happened:

“One thug tripped Jeremy Furchtgott, 21, and others pummeled him in the head and body before stealing his wallet with $40 and iPhone at the corner of Albany Ave. and President St. at 6:47 p.m. Monday.”

Furchtgott, who was apparently semi-conscious, at first thought he had tripped on a branch until the attackers demanded his phone and wallet. At the end of this violent encounter, one of the attackers then stepped on Furchtgott’s head and slammed it into the sidewalk as he fled the scene.


A pedestrian found Furchtgott lying motionless on the sidewalk shortly thereafter and called 911, but the lines were jammed because of Hurricane Sandy.

Police arrived later at the request of a civilian patrol volunteer who had come on the scene but were unable to find the attackers. A city councilman has offered a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the suspects. The councilman asked what everyone else is wondering: “What kind of sick people would attack an individual who is trying to get home during a hurricane?”

Watch the surveillance video of the gang mugging of Jeremy Furchtgott in Brooklyn during Hurricane Sandy: