Chris Brown Split Between Rihanna And Karrueche Tran?

Chris Brown has never stopped professing his love for Rihanna and rumors of the two getting back together have always been in the media.

However, recently, Chris Brown seemed to have suggested that he wants to get back with Karrueche Tran. Tran posted a seductive picture of herself on Instagram in which she had a t-shirt and a pair of panties on. She captioned the picture "baby." It seemed like Chris Brown couldn't stop himself from commenting and posted: "Still want it," in response. Does this mean that Chris Brown has finally put Rihanna behind and is looking to hook up with Karrueche?

It had been reported that Chris Brown was still not able to get over his ex Rihanna and that the two were "meeting in secret." "They're talking every day again and have met up a few times," said the pal. Of course, now that Drake and Rihanna are not together anymore, it gives Chris Brown all the more reason to catch up with RiRi.

However, the fact that Rihanna and Chris Brown are back on good terms should not be credited to RiRi's broken relationship with Drake. It seems like Chris Brown is putting in a lot of effort to make sure he is in Rihanna's good books. Sources have gone on to say that Chris Brown has turned into a feminist these days. He's acting very different from what he was earlier, Radar Online has reported. "He's moodier and more serious, but he's much softer and a borderline feminist these days."

[Image by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week]
[Image by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week]

However, there are other sources that go on to say that Chris Brown was a mere mistake for Rihanna and the two aren't really getting back again. "She made that mistake and will not return to him romantically," a source has said, Hollywood Life reported.

But of course, it can't be ruled out that the two would work on a project some time in the future. "Could they be friends, could they return and record with each other again? Of course, but that is all it is going to be if Chris has his hopes up he will surely be disappointed in the result."

It looks like Chris Brown's mother wants her son to be back with Rihanna too. Joyce Hawkins is urging her son to get back with Rihanna, Hollywood Life has reported.

"Joyce knows that Rihanna is the true love of Chris' life and wishes they would have worked out long-term." Do you think Chris Brown would honor her mother's wish?

It's not clear whether Chris Brown and Rihanna would be able to keep their distances aside and get back together. The two share a very turbulent history and Chris Brown had talked about it in a documentary for Time magazine.

Karrueche Tran dumped Chris Brown
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"I went from being on top of the world, No. 1 songs, being kind of like America's sweetheart to being Public Enemy No. 1," Brown said in Welcome to My Life: The Official Chris Brown Documentary. "I felt like a f***ing monster… I was thinking about suicide, I wasn't sleeping, I barely ate." The documentary is quite honest and when Rihanna came to know about it, she was a bit skeptical about it.

"Chris told [Rihanna] he was considering doing a documentary and that he would be talking about that nightmare night," the source told Hollywood Life. exclusively. "At first, she was surprised he wanted to go public with this. She cautioned him that he had to be mentally and emotionally prepared to go back and relive it. However, he reassured her that this was something good, something he wanted to do. She supported him, and still supports him."

Do you think Chris Brown is over Rihanna? Do you think he wants to get back together with Karrueche Tran? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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