[Report] New PlayStation 4 Dev Kits Being Sent Out, Sports AMD A10 APU

A recent report from VG247 says that Sony is currently shipping out the latest revision of its PlayStation 4 dev kits, codenamed Orbis, and that the company is nearing closer to getting out the final spec of the PlayStation 4 dev kits.

The version currently being sent out to developers, the report says, is the second iteration and is housed in a PC tower. The third version is expected to be sent out by January, and a final build will be released to developers by the end of next summer.

The report goes on to provide a few interesting details on the hardware powering the PlayStation 4 and what kind of performance Sony is looking to get out of the machine.

Orbis, as Sony is referring to it internally, will apparently be powered by hardware “derived” from AMD’s A10 APU (for the uninitiated, APU essentially means that the GPU and CPU are combined into one chip).

Interestingly, the site’s sources claim that the dev kits come with either 8GB of RAM or 16GB, and the site’s sources said to take from that “what you will.” The “standard” model is said to include a 256 GB HDD and, unsurprisingly, will once again come with a Blu-Ray drive.


Another interesting detail from the report has it that the PlayStation 4 will be able to run all games in 1080p and at 60 frames per second, even in 3D. The hardware isn’t final however, and that’s obviously subject to change.

Lastly, the sources claim that Sony is looking to make the PlayStation 4 affordable but without sacrificing performance. Considering how expensive the PlayStation 3 was at launch, that would be a refreshing change of pace.

None of this has been confirmed by Sony — nor will it be — so take the report as speculation at best.