How Many Women Does ‘LHHATL’ Star Stevie J Have? Another Side Chick Is Blasting Stevie For Letting Joseline Hernandez Pose On Instagram With Her Gift

So much for the single life. Stevie J hasn’t taken a break even after his nightmare split from Love Hip Hop Atlanta co-star Joseline Hernandez. Now that Stevie is single, he has been romantically linked with a handful of other women including Bad Boy artist Faith Evans and another singer named Candice Boyd. Now there is yet another woman coming forward to blast the producer-turned-reality TV star. A woman named Liz Gaspari is really angry because she caught Joseline posing in an Instagram photo with a piece of jewelry that she gave Stevie J for his birthday and another one she gave him for Christmas.

Fameolous caught screenshots of Stevie J’s newest side chick named Liz putting the LHHATL star on blast for letting Joseline wear the jewelry she gave him. It’s no secret that Joseline had her baby a few days back and Stevie J was right there to see his baby girl named Bonnie Bella. Why would Stevie literally take his jewelry off and hand it over to Joseline to wear and take pictures wearing? Stevie has to know that after Joseline posted pictures with his presents from Liz, things were bound to get really messy.

@joseline is also wearing the ring #StevieJ's side chick Liz bought him for his bday!???? See previous post she is pissed!????????????

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Well, it looks like Stevie and Joseline have been getting pretty chummy or maybe Joseline was just trying to be messy by posing with Stevie’s jewelry on and then posting the pictures to social media. Either way, there is drama back in Stevie’s life and it’s all because he can’t stay away from the ladies and it’s become more than clear that his on-again, off again relationship with Joseline has reached an epic level of toxicity.

Liz Gaspari has been around for a while because she pointed out both a ring and a bracelet that she gave Stevie J. According to Liz, one was a birthday present and the other she gave him for Christmas. Considering that Stevie’s birthday is at the beginning of November, the two have been very friendly for at least a couple of months now.

In the caption for the Instagram video posted by Liz, she wrote, “Gave my other half beautiful Christmas presents but…….I guess others had to try it on.”

Other half is pretty serious. We don’t typically refer to friends and business partners as the “other half.” It’s safe to say that Liz might be more invested in their relationship than Stevie J because even though she’s tagging him all over Instagram, he has been romantically linked with at least two other women in the time that she’s been gifting him with expensive presents.

It also looks like Stevie has mixed business with pleasure yet again. Liz Gaspari lists herself on Instagram as the vice president of Gaspari Nutrition and the founder of AthleticElite10 Sports. While that might not ring any bells, what will sound really familiar is the hashtag #DangerZone. Stevie J uses it on a lot of his posts and after checking out Liz’s page, she does too. It turns out that both of them are hawking the Danger Zone creatine supplement and Liz even boasts that you can buy it on Amazon now (or at GNC and a handful of other vitamin/health stores).

Apparently, Stevie never learned his lesson and probably never will. He tried to mix it up with another business associate Ms. Jackson when they started working together on her underwear business. That went sour within months and Ms. Jackson even posted that Stevie stole a very expensive ring from her and blamed it on his drug habit.

When you rob that nigga like let me get that Patna ????

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There is also the argument that Joseline Hernandez started out working with Stevie on her music prior to their fling which led to his breakup with Mimi Faust and the beginning of their dysfunctional relationship. We all know how that has ended up. We can’t necessarily say that it’s ended because Stevie just can’t seem to walk away from Joseline and now he’s stuck in this back and forth with her for the next 18 years now that they have daughter Bonnie Bella together.

Clearly, Stevie J has not learned his lesson about women and he’s certainly not taken a break like he talked about doing on his new spinoff show Leave It To Stevie. The famed “good guy” has been linked to Faith Evans, Candice Boyd and now Liz Gaspari all in the last few months. He also admitted that he might not be done with Joseline Hernandez even though the two can’t seem to get along.

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