WWE News: WWE RAW Star Finn Balor Teases WWE Royal Rumble Appearance, Is He Set To Win?

WWE RAW star Finn Balor has been out of action due to an injury since the night after WWE SummerSlam when he became the inaugural WWE Universal Champion, but it seems as if we could see The Demon King very early into 2017. Balor was hurt in the Universal Title match when Seth Rollins powerbombed him into a ring barrier.

Of course, Rollins has done this before with others and even threw Balor correctly. However, the landing, which is all on Balor, was mistimed and he landed awkwardly causing his shoulder to go out of place. Finn Balor would then push it back in and continue the match like nothing happened. If you go back and watch, you’ll see where the shoulder goes out very easily now that you know where to look.

Balor got testing done on him the day after and that was when WWE knew they were losing him for months. The original thought was that since he had a torn labrum only, that he could be back as soon as December of 2016. However, many felt they would push it to WWE Royal Rumble in January. Once he was opened up, they found he had more issues than just the labrum, as his bicep among a few other things were also damaged and had to be repaired.

Finn Balor RAW
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Finn Balor was then told that he would probably miss a few more months than he was originally told due to the other issues. The WWE RAW star was then on a mission to make it back in time for WrestleMania 33 as the time for his recovery was right around that time frame. WWE felt confident he would be there too, so they added him to the poster with other top names like John Cena, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns.

Finn managed to recover relatively quick and got nearly a month ahead on his rehab. By late November, he was not really needing a sling for his arm. With The Royal Rumble event coming up, that is just another month for him to rehabilitate. Some interviewers even asked him point blank, will you be in the Rumble match? Balor told one that he may not have plans to do, but if WWE Chairman Vince McMahon called and asked him to be there then he would be there.

Many took that is Finn Balor saying but not saying that he would like to be in it but WWE has to clear it first. Balor is known for his trolling ways, and many actually got so sick of it when it came to his New Japan buddies Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows coming in that they stopped caring to listen, Even reporters stopped covering what he said because it was too much. The question is, could he be teasing or could he be trolling in his latest social media message. On Instagram, he wrote the following.

Finn Balor demon
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“It’s December 30 #30”

This immediately prompted people to speculate and think that Balor would be involved in the Rumble match at entrant number 30. However, this may now be even more of a long-shot. WWE does not like for people to give away their return, especially if it’s involved in a major match like the Royal Rumble itself. With Finn Balor doing this, it may have been just a trolling act but in doing so he forced WWE to rethink the plan of putting him at number thirty if that was on the books.

WWE could always have him come in sooner if they still want him in, so we should not totally believe WWE will not use Finn Balor in the Rumble itself. However, the early plans were to have him return to win. Now, of course, many plans have shifted either due to recent creative team shake-ups or possible directions that worked while Balor was away.

Regardless of any of this, Finn Balor is still set to be part of WrestleMania 33 and this is without any doubt. That said, we know he is returning in 2017 and we know he will be on the grandest stage of them all. The questions now are, what match will they have him take part in and will WWE go with original plans now that Balor seems to be okay enough to take part in the Royal Rumble? We will have to wait and find out.

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